Tuesday, January 15, 2013

46 Reasons I (34 Year Old) Might Be Freaking Out

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Kelly

Hey guys!  I'm super pumped for organization week.  This girl needs some organization in her life so I will be looking to you, my partners in crime, to help me out.

In the meantime, I was trying to organize my thoughts.  You may have read this post by Jason Good titled, "46 Reasons My Three Year Old Might Be Freaking Out."  It was circulating all over my Facebook feed last week.  His words made me laugh because I can relate.  And then I realized that my thoughts are at times not far off from a three year old...disorganized, random and passionate.  It's funny how similar we are to our children and how sometimes we act more like them (instead of the opposite). 

Here is my list:

46 Reasons I (34 Year Old) Might Be Freaking Out

I saw Kenny Rogers on tv.

There is no clean underwear to be found.

I'm on hold with customer service.

The closet door is off its track.

I tasted something with peas in it. 

Mad Men is going on a longer hiatus.

Someone just markered on a surface that was NOT a coloring book.

Dunkin' Donuts is no longer selling peppermint mocha coffee Kcups.

Just checked the price of Dunkin' Donuts peppermint mocha coffee Kcups on ebay.

I read some Facebook statuses.

My husband purchased the wrong type of donuts to make Pinterest-inspired donut snowmen (holes instead of circles).

I found another gray hair.

I stepped on a Lego.

I saw a guy sporting a turtleneck.

I smelled a bottle that was found under the couch.

My jeans are all too long.

Netflix is slow.

Caillou is whining again. 

My husband looked at me.

My husband didn't look at me.

I just got bangs.

I'm too cold.

I'm too hot.

My husband called to say he has to work late.

There is more water outside the tub than inside the tub.

I saw my grocery receipt.

I heard Jenny McCarthy speaking.

Our duvet cover will not stay on straight.

I forgot to cash in that Groupon.

I did not win the HGTV dream home.  Again.

I just tried on shorts.

I have 12 markers and 5 caps.

The engine light is on.

I walked by an Abercrombie store and inhaled.

I touched a hotel comforter.

We have Formica cabinets.

I remembered hotpockets.

The baby won't nap.

The baby fell asleep in the car.

I saw a faux brick surface.

Time is going by too quickly

Time is crawling by.

I dropped my iPhone in a puddle...I don't have rice.

The DVD player won't work on our road trip.

I have a canker sore.

I spotted a mullet and it wasn't on a 1980's-Richard-Dean-Anderson.

A note from Mrs. Gosling:  Your humor is refreshing on such a cold January day.  I love that you think these things too .... except, I have never seen Mad Men.  I know, Super lame!  I think that I need to head to the library for a tote full of DVD's. 


Christine said...

LOVE IT!!!!! And my jeans are always too short. *sigh*

David said...

#47 Wet paper towels.

Nahoko said...

"I heard Jenny McCarthy speaking". Instant classic. Great list. Funny and oh so true.

Moe said...

Don't have the words for how much I love this. All so true...

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