Monday, January 14, 2013

Barn Wood Projects To Get Organized

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Mrs. G. and Mrs. K.,

A few weeks back I stumbled upon a pot of gold.  No, not literally.  But it kind of felt like it because it was a massive pile of old, weathered, dirty wood.  I took one look at those boards and thought, jackpot!  Then, I tried to find someone to ask before I took a few.  Once I got the go ahead, I loaded up a couple of boards and let them serve as the basis for two organization projects.  

Project One:  Ribbon Holder

This project makes me feel so organized, so Martha Stewart (expect she would have had legitimate barn wood not some dirty old gray stuff), so "oh yeah, sure, I just have all my ribbon organized and in its place."  And it turns out, that it's not hard to be any of those things.  Just, saw, hammer, hang and you're done.

1.  Saw

2.  Hammer

3.  Hang
String Barn Wood
I hung this in my sewing area, right above that piano bench I redid.


 Project Two:  "Barn Wood" Hooks

My husband wanted to do this project and I happily encouraged him.  He measured the wood so that we could have five hooks in our basement to hang wet winter clothes on after the boys play outside.  In my opinion (except I didn't do anything) this project is easy too.  From what I observed he just cut the wood, decided on the hook placement, screwed them in place, and screwed the entire thing to the basement wall.

1.  Saw (after measuring first)

2.  Screw in the hooks (after planning the placement)

3.  Screw to the wall

Coat Hanger


You know what they say about man's trash is another woman's ribbon and coat organizer.

Gotta go,

Mrs. Gosling Note:  Mrs. W forgot to mention that she generously dropped some of the barn wood off at my abode and I have been planning out my attack.  Stay tuned to see what we did with ours. 

PS - love the coat rack.  It is so simple, but perfectly executed.  I kind of feel like I am in nantucket right now looking at it :)

Mrs. Kelly Note:  I like how you glossed over the part of the story where you were driving in the middle of the country and then, upon your discovery of all this discarded barn wood, you wandered up to a home to ask if you could indeed take the wood.  If only that farmer knew he could have made a super chic ribbon holder.  I bet he wouldn't have been so quick to toss that wood to the curb.  I like both projects.  Dare I say it...BETTER than Martha!


Anonymous said...

I love this project! It's a good thing you have friends in the country :)

Reservoir Slob said...

I absolutely LOVE IT! Wow. That is so incredibly cool.

Jenny M said...

These are great!

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