Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fabric Baby Blocks

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Girls, 

My friend recently had a baby.  Her second.  I wanted to get her something special once the baby arrived, but I was a little stuck...especially since this is her second baby.  I was afraid any gift I gave her would be more of the same.  Then, I considered the second baby's thoughts (because I know this is exactly what newborn babies think)...he would probably want something personalized.  Something that was all his.  Something that couldn't be claimed by his older brother.  Something that could never be mistaken for a hand-me-down.  (OK, I'll stop.  Can you tell I'm a third child?)  So, I went searching for an idea and I found instructions to make fabric baby blocks.  I added a monogram and some "taggies" with ribbons to the blocks and excitedly gave them away.  

Taggies, Baby Gift

If you want to make some too, here's how.  First, assemble some scraps:

  • Five assorted fabrics
  • Ribbon and trim

Sewing project from fabric scraps

Then, cut the fabrics

  • 5 - 4 1/2" squares of fabric
  • 5 - 4 1/2" squares of batting (I used some scrap fleece for this.)
  • 5 - 3" pieces of ribbon and trim

fabric baby blocks

Sew ribbon loops
Pin a loop of ribbon along some of the square edges.  Stitch across the edges four or five times to make sure they are secure.

Ribbon, taggies

Sew the cube together.
Sew together four squares.  Start and stop each seam 1/4" from the corners.
Handmade Baby Gift
You can quilt each square as desired.  See the personalized "R" for  the little guy's first name?

Personalized, handmade, fabric blocks
Sew the top and bottom squares on the cube too.  Leave a 3" opening along one edge for turning and stuffing.

Stuffing blocks
Stuff the inside with fiberfill.  Once it's nice and stuffed, hand sew the opening closed.

All done and ready to give away.

Ribbon tag

Here they are in my little guy's hands.

It turns out four-year-olds love to put their thumbs through the ribbon tags, too.

These were fun and fairly easy to make.  They were even more fun to give away.  When the fabric blocks were in the baby's hands (well resting on his belly, really), he looked right at me and I'm positive he was thinking, "Thanks for the personalized present.  Now my older brother can't steal them."  

Catch you later,

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  These are so sweet and chic EVEN if they were made by a third child.  

Mrs. Gosling comment:  If I ever build a house (insert a huge laugh now) I am coming to you.  Your knack for deciding, researching and executing is awesome.  Oh yea, did I mention your staging abilities?  I love these and so do babies.  What a lucky little one!

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