Friday, January 4, 2013

Giving Mad Thanks...In A Note

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Kelly

Hi girls, 

Happy new year!  Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break.  The "Christmas rush is through" and we have just started writing thank you notes for all the lovely gifts we received (we seriously have some generous family and friends).  I thought I would pass along an idea in case, you too, are starting to write letters!

After my son's birthday this year, we wanted to acknowledge our family and friends who remembered his special day and let them know how grateful we were!  The only problem is that it would take my son a long time to write a full thank you letter.  It would take a painfully long time for him to write multiple thank you letters.  But, I still want him to do it.  I figured there was some way we could compromise.  

Enter Mad Libs.  My son loves Mad Libs.  And really, can you blame him?  So I thought, why not just create a quick Word template where he could write and personalize the notes and have fun with them Mad Lib style (aside:  I just started singing Mad Lib style to "Gangnam Style").  He would also have to think about language.  In other words (pun intended) he would have to learn, have fun and complete a task.  It is important to me that he learn to thank people and be grateful for what he has!

Here's what the finished note looked like:

I know, I know...not rocket science.  It's just a simple, quick, inexpensive way to create thank you notes.  I think you could make adult versions too that would be hilarious.  We bought envelopes at Michael's for about $2.00 with a coupon.  No's easy, it's cheap and it's didactic (yay for language)!

Thanks for reading,

(gorgeous wife and mother)

Mrs. Gosling comment:  So, I'm not sure what the best part of this post is:  the fact that we got one of these in the mail and the boys loved it, the fact that the "Professor" knows that his party was MAD cool or the fact that you mad lib'd your signature.  Okay, they are all great!  I'm totally using this idea!

Mrs. Williams comment: If I had to give you an adjective for this thank you note idea, it would be:  wicked awesome(I know, I'm a mad lib cheater...I gave you two words.)
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