Friday, January 11, 2013

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Knees and Toes!


Passing notes today:  Mrs. Gosling

In late June, my hubby "The Don" and I welcomed our 4th BEAUTIFUL and healthy baby boy.  We are just overjoyed with how our family has grown in the past 6 years and couldn't be happier.  I, am overjoyed with the fact that the baby sleeps most of the day and most of the night away ......  (these types of sleeping stretches are only due to a husband that can swaddle a baby like nobody's business and a papasan swing.  Invest in Duracell battery stock, the young parents of America will continue supporting your 401K's).

The other munchkins are very helpful.  VERY HELPFUL!!!!  They spend most of their day kissing the babies' feet or elbows.  Many years ago, my husband and I convinced our children to only kiss parts of the baby that they can't get into their mouths.  This has worked well, our children have always been very healthy as infants, due to the NON-face contact.  However, they all are obsessed with shoes!  Coincidence?!?

I love that they read to him.  It brings a tear to my eye that the older boys are starting to "raise" the younger.  I hope that they always have this bond.  Siblings for life, friends forever.  Sniff, sniff.
Things are pretty easy around the house, cut and dry and to the point.  "Hotel Simple" is just that and I am in full robot mode with my daily activities. "Ground Hog's Day" has nothing on us, we do the same thing .... everyday, but it seems to work just fine.  Actually, I know no one wants to hear this but 4 is just as easy as 3.  Yup, I'm nuts!  Would 5 be just as easy at 4?!?

Things that I HAVE been doing really 
well since Munchkin #4:

1 - Eating my body weight in chocolate.  It needs to stop, I know.

2 - Threatening a lifetime in the mudroom for the barking dog and 4 year old.

3 -  Strategically picking out PJ's that can transition to "everyday wear" - for both children and I.  Not proud of this, but seriously ... it's cool for kids to sleep in golf shirts and khakis!
4 -  Loading my DVR with movies, these movies and watching them obsessively!

When I am not folding laundry, breaking up squabbles, carting kids to school or .. you guessed it, feeding the baby, I am watching these movies. 

Things I HAVE NOT been doing really well 
since Munchkin #4:

1 - Keeping pace with my blog sistas.  Sorry Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Williams.  You are both amazing, I am not.  You are literary geniuses, I am super lame.  My apologies.  If you find a blueberry buckle on your doorstep at some point.  It's from this Girl! 

2 - Grocery shopping.  I have not been driving the "grocery train."  My husband however LOVES going grocery shopping.  He buys EVERYTHING, doesn't care what it costs and refuses to use the coupons I stash in his back pocket.  Our budget needs me back in the game soon! 

3 - Refusing the vanilla bean caffe frapp's that my husband brings home.  They are good, cold and I let the kids take sips if they agree to go in the playroom.  So bad! 

Okay!  Time to do something .. oh, look at that.  Bravo is on!  Perfect!

Me and the boys,

PS - Yes, one of my movie choices obviously has my main man as a lead.  But check out "Dex" from Something Borrowed.  Not too shabby! 

A Note From Mrs. Williams:  Four boys?!  Congratulations Mrs. G.  You are definitely doing something right because your guys are adorable and kind and funny and wonderful.  Well done!


Moe said...

Wait...your husband swaddles, does grocery shopping, AND brings home Starbucks?! Sounds like you've got FIVE wonderful men in your life! You're a lucky girl, Mrs. Gosling. (PS - I have a feeling that whomever your boys end up falling in love with some day will owe your husband a debt of gratitude for the swaddling, grocery shopping, frappachino-fetching men they are undoubtedly in the process of becoming!)

Naptime Notebook said...

Thanks Moe! Yes, I am a lucky woman (wrangler) for having all my men, in my life. Boys are good to their mamas, that's what I tell them everyday! You know that though, because your little (not so much anymore) guy is such a cutie! Happy Friday. Enjoy the warm weather headed our way!

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