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Master Bath EXTRAVAGANZA Wrap-Up

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. G

continuation ....

Okay, the finale is upon us!  I can barely contain myself.  I hope that you like it as much as we do!

If you are just checking in, you can catch part #1 & #2 here.


Vanity/Mirror Combo: Home Depot, $299
Shower Unit: Home Depot, Delta Mandara $150
Faucet: Home Depot, Delta Mandara $85
60 x 32" Tub: Lowes, Sterling in Bone White $229
Highline elongated toilet: Home Depot, Kohler $180
Hampton Carrera Marble: The Tile Shop, $14.99sq ft
Carrera Marble Capitols and beveled tile for shower recess: Home Depot, appr. $100
Whispering Gray/Standard White Grout:  The Tile Shop
Glass ledge: The Tile Shop, $15
Curtain Rod and Shower Curtain:  Walmart, $25 for both

*Remaining budget was dedicated towards trade labor, lighting, PLUMBING supplies, studs, insulation, wainscoting, baseboards, shoe molding, window blinds and misc. items (thinset, grout, caulk ....).

Remember, home improvement can be VERY overwhelming.  I think that the worst part is seeing all the "guts" behind the walls.  You never know what you are going to find and no one wants to be stuck, in a position, that they don't know how to get out of.  My advice, always have someone on the back burner that knows what they are doing and you can call on.  

A couple other tips:

1 - Tiling is easy, invest in a good tile saw (borrow from someone or rent from a local store).  Also, an angle bracket/speed square will help you with all your mitre cuts.  Who knew, you just have to lay the tile against the 45 degree side to get a perfect mitre cut. 

2 - Don't overwhelm yourself with work that you can't do.  When in doubt, hire out (I should make that a bumper sticker).  We know that we cannot do electrical or plumbing up to code, so we hire people.  We have a list of tradesman that are professional and perfectionist.  It's worth the money for peace of mind. 

3 -  Caulk, wood filler and paint hide a multitude of sins.  I know, it's like saying "well, don't worry about it .. if it's not perfect, just band aid."  Kind of, not really.  Sometimes you just need a little help from a friend.  Wasn't that a theme song?

4 - Make a realistic budget and stick to it. We all try to convince ourselves that we can do things cheaper, but at the end of the day, the numbers don't lie.  We like to put our money into the trades, the faucets, toilets ... etc.  Things like blinds, towels, mirrors .. they can be changed out very easily and don't require someone else to do that. We had to scratch the shower door because I didn't want to go over, big whoop.  Maybe down the line we will put one in, but a shower curtain for now is fine. 

5 - Keep your tools in a safe place and away from little fingers.  Mistakes happen and you don't want them to happen to your little ones, be safe!  Everything else can wait! 

Once more.  Before...

Thanks for coming along this journey with us,

PS - So, just the other day we said that we are done with home improvement for a while.  Well, Hurricane Sandy destroyed our basketball hoop out front.  My husband suggested putting in a legit court in the backyard.  Hmmmmm? 

PPS - How come there are no pictures of me during this process, you ask?  I was too pregnant and wearing my husbands shirts most of the time.  enough said

Note from Mrs. Kelly - Gorgeous!  It makes me just want to sit in your bathroom.  Er, um, wait.  That sounds weird.  Love all the choices.  Nicely done.  The only thing it's missing is a big poster of Ryan Gosling...but that's what birthdays are for!

Note from Mrs. Williams - Thanks for the inspiration Mrs. G.  Gives me hope for the blue (and sparkly) 1960's counter top in our guest bathroom.  Some day.  Until then, I'll just live vicariously through you.

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