Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mom Survey

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams (with a TON of help and insight from friends)

Hey Naptime Notebookers,

It's baby week, and since my baby is now 4 1/2 years old, I thought I'd get some baby insight from two of my friends who have had babies much more recently than me.  They were kind enough to answer some questions and share their thoughts with me...and now, I'd like to share their thoughts with you.

Here's Nicole and her husband B.T. (before twins)
Mom Stats:
Name - Nicole   
Children - Twins - Addison and Logan   
Hometown - Chicago, IL
Naptime Notebook Connection - Nicole and I (Mrs. Williams) have been best friends since fourth grade.  Over 25 years of friendshipNobody knows me, loves me, or makes me laugh like she does. 

What product could you not live without after having a baby?
Nicole (Mom of Twins!):  We live in a two bedroom condo in Chicago, so we wanted to be careful not to over do it when buying baby gear since we're tight on space.  We only bought one Fisher Price infant snug-a-bunny swing before the twins were born, but after their arrival we decided to buy another one and we were so glad that we did.  These two swings were a life saver and when I was alone with the babies when my husband was at work, these swings were the only way I could free up my hands for a few minutes to be able to make bottles or get anything done!  

Best baby products for twins
These swings plug no need for a billion batteries.
We also really liked the Puj collapsible infant tub.  It's great because you use it in the sink, and then it unfolds to hang up completely flat in the shower to dry.  A huge space saver for city dwellers like us! 

One other thing that I couldn't stop buying was handmade knit hats from etsy.  I admit, it became an obsession, but it's just an indisputable fact that newborn babies look adorable in these cute hats.  

Twin Photography

Twins in Knit Caps
Nicole, based on the cuteness of these caps and these babies, I'd say your obsession was very warranted!

What did you miss the most during your pregnancy?
Nicole (Mom of Twins!):  I missed full strength brewed Starbucks coffee.  I know that some people continue to drink small amounts of coffee each day throughout pregnancy, but since being pregnant with twins (along with a couple other medical issues) put me in a higher risk category, my doctor said I was to have absolutely no caffeine.  The baristas at my local Starbucks probably wondered what on earth happened to me.  Before my pregnancy I would walk in and by the time it was my turn in line they already had my drink waiting or me each morning before I rushed off to work.  
Here's a picture of Nicole's Starbucks cup that she sent to me (Mrs. Williams) when the twins were 3 months old.

I also really missed eating sushi.  I spent 33 weeks (my twins arrived 7 weeks early) dying for a spicy tuna roll.  Oh, and I also missed being able to see my feet.  Having two babies in my belly made it seriously huge, although, maybe it was better that I couldn't see my feet since they were so swollen.  By the time I waddled into the hospital I could just barely squeeze my poor feet into loose flip flops.  

Worst / Funniest thing someone told you while being pregnant? 
Nicole (Mom of Twins!):  Our journey to becoming pregnant was a long and difficult one.  It took us nearly two and a half years and we had to undergo what seemed like endless testing and fertility treatments before finally hearing the good news that we were expecting.  With that said, the worst thing that someone said to me while I was pregnant was from someone who knew about my fertility struggle, but still complained to me about how long it took her to get pregnant naturally after only six months of trying. Sheesh.  This is just one example, but I was struck by how insensitive people can be when it comes to fertility battles.

Average hours of sleep the first six weeks:
Nicole (Mom of Twins!): Our twins are only 18 months old now, but I can't even remember how little sleep we averaged in those first six weeks. Maybe 5 hours on average?! But not all at once. Our twins were born early at 33 weeks and they were just barely 5 lbs each. They spent about two weeks in the NICU before we could bring them home with us and when they were released to us they had lost weight and were not quite back up to their birth weight again, so the doctors had us on a strict schedule of feeding them every three hours even if they were sleeping and that meant waking them up to try to get them to eat, which also meant short sleep cycles for us.
Sleeping Babies

Best moment as a new mom:  
Nicole (Mom of Twins!): I can honestly say that after all the struggles we went through to have our babies that I have cherished every single moment with our twins. Some of the best moments are the simplest ones. I loved sitting in the nursery in the middle of the night holding one of the babies, rocking them in the glider in the glow of the soft owl night lamp in their room and singing them lullabies to get them back to sleep. These simple, quiet moments are the times where I remember feeling the most contented, like I was the luckiest person in the world to get to be a mom to these two sweet babies.
Sweet Addison asleep on her Dad's chest.
Biggest hope for your little ones:  
Nicole (Mom of Twins!): My biggest hope for my little ones is that they feel unconditionally loved. Always. No matter what.


Mom Stats:

Katie and her beautiful, Emily.  (That's Katie on the right.)
Name - Katie
Child - Emily
Hometown - Rochester, NY
Naptime Notebook Connection- Katie and I (Mrs. Williams) were college roommates.  We've been through it all together...first apartments, first real loves, first real jobs, and now first real babies.

Worst / Funniest thing someone told you while being pregnant? 
Katie (Emily's Mom):  Since I was teaching 3-6 year olds when I was pregnant I had a lot of questions to answer...daily.  I think they kept asking the same questions to see if they got the same response just to make sure I was telling the truth. How did that baby get in there?  How is it going to come out? Fortunately, they answered their own questions and I just repeated the answers each day.  "The doctors gave me the baby" and "The doctors were going to take it out at the hospital."

Advice you wish you followed:  
Katie (Emily's Mom): Everyone told me I shouldn't hold her so much when she was sleeping. But, I loved snuggling with Emily while she slept. However, now I'm thinking I should have followed that advice, she had some sleep issues that were pretty hard to work out.

With a baby this sweet, how could you not hold her when she's sleeping?

What did you realize about your own mom?
Katie (Emily's mom): There are so many sweet moments and joys that I have with my daughter which have really strengthened my relationship with my own mother. I have a new appreciation for all she has done for me over the years.  Plus, now she is a great resource when I have parenting questions.

Biggest surprise about being a mother:
Katie (Emily's mom): I didn't know it would be so much fun.
Emily and her mom.
Biggest hope for your little one:
Katie (Emily's Mom):  I want her to grow up to be a kind, intelligent, independent, and happy woman.  (In Mrs. Williams's opinion:  just like her mother!)

Thanks Nicole and Katie for sharing your thoughts and giving us all a little insight into your world as moms.  I can honestly say that you two are the greatest mothers.  Your little ones are so lucky to have you (and so am I).

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  I loved reading this post.  First of all, can we talk about how gorgeous all the babies are?  I fear some of our readers are going to have major baby fever from seeing these pictures (true story:  my husband thought they were baby models used for the post!).  Secondly, my favorite part about this post was what each mom's hope was for her baby (babies).  I can't help but wonder how the world might be different if we all paused and realized many of us want the same thing for our babies.  Thank you ladies for sharing your stories!  Also, do they make knitted owl caps for adults on Etsy?


Moe said...

Oh, I should not have read this post, should not have even peeked at it. Seeing these sweet little faces makes it so easy to rationalize having #4. Mrs. Kelly, when you mentioned that some of your readers were going to develop terrible baby fever from this post you were totally talking about me, weren't you?

On a sidenote, Nicole, I share your obsession with the baby hats. My collection is getting ridiculous, especially considering that here in Richmond it barely gets cold enough to warrant wearing one. And yet just two weeks ago I bought matching hand-knit elfin hats for my girls. I know I have a problem, but I just Cannot. Resist. The hats.

Congrats to both of you lovely mamas!

Naptime Notebook said...

Four, four, four, four....

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Moe! This is Nicole. I love those elfin style hats too! So, so cute! My twins are 18 months old now and Logan hates hats now. He just takes them right off if I try to put one on. But, Addison loves hats. Like a true girl, she likes to accessorize.

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