Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Reiki - New Year, New You

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Girls - 

Ever met someone who just makes you better?  You know, someone who you just want to be better for?  That's how I feel when I am near my dear friend Erin (we grew up together).  She sees the very best in everyone. The good news is that she has taken this talent and started helping people heal and bring out people's best as a Reiki (say Ray-Key) Master.  

Erin...the Reiki Master...isn't it so cool that her job has Master in the title?  Do you think I could get my kids to start calling me Mom Master?

I started my new year with a Reiki treatment (with Erin) and she has put me right on the "New Year, New You" path.  You're still like, "Reiki, what?"  Right?  Well, my Reiki treatment went a little like this...

  • First, I showed up at Erin's studio.
  • Then, I laid down on a massage table (fully clothed).
  • Next, I just laid there (pretty easy) while Erin (also fully clothed) moved her hands over the top of my body (hovering).  There's no physical touch.  She just moved her hands above me so that she could feel and assess my energy. That's when funny things happened in my body (My whole face started to twitch, I felt like I was floating, and I could feel intense heat from Erin's hands -- proof of the energy moving, perhaps?)
  • During the treatment Erin noted areas that felt blocked and asked pointed questions about my life to help unblock those areas (kind of like therapy).  She also focused on all the really good in my life and inside of me.
  • Finally, an hour later, I was done.  When I get a Reiki treatment two things happen: 1.  I leave feeling better and lighter and healthier than ever.  2.  Because I feel all those things I'm ready to take on all the things that Erin helped to unblock.  She kind of puts my issues on a platter, hands them to me, and says, "Ready?"  And somehow with the treatment behind me, I'm always ready to deal.  
Erin's studio.

In case you're ready for a new path yourself (or just wondering about energy work like Reiki), I sent some questions Erin's way and she kindly provided answers (and some deep insight) below.


Mrs. Williams:  So, Erin, what exactly is energy?
Erin: Energy is just one word used to describe the non-physical part of ourselves.  We communicate to this part of ourselves with our thoughts. Other words used to describe energy is prana, chi, ki and spirit. 

Mrs. Williams What is Reiki?
Erin:  Reiki is one form of "hands-on" energy healing.  It works to help break up energy "blockages" in the person receiving the treatment. The thought is if you keep the energy flowing (through energy work and changing your thought patterns) you will be happy, healthy and pain free.  

See the hands hovering?  (Also, that is not me.)

Mrs. Williams So, Reiki helps to unblock your energy?
Erin:  Yes, and there are several other forms of "hands-on" energy healing such as Cranial Sacral Therapy and Healing Touch.  Meditation and yoga are also common and popular.  The bottom line is that we are energy beings having a human experience - that experience is determined by our thoughts. 

Mrs. Williams:  How has Reiki changed your life and why is it so important to you?
Erin:  Energy work has helped me find a true source of happiness and freedom.   It helped me find myself. 

Mrs. Williams:  Remember that part about thoughts creating our reality?  What small steps can people take right now to make a difference in their well being? 
Erin:  Gaining control over our thoughts is a bit of a process, but one that comes with great benefits!  I think the key is to take small steps and understand that every step you take toward clearing your mind will help change your reality.  Here are my tips:
  1. You have to realize that it is possible to reign in your thoughts.
  2. When you change your thoughts you will be able to accomplish any goal. 
  3. Only YOU will be able to become the creator of your life. 
  4. One of my favorite tricks is to start with a brainstorm of all the things that you want in your life and then pick your top four.  Turn those "goals" into words, so now you have four words.  The first time I did this exercise I used HAPPY, HEALTHY, BALANCED, FAMILY.  I knew what each word meant specifically, and that's all that matters.  Every time your mind starts wandering to negative things about yourself or others - start using your four words! 

Mrs. Williams:  If people are interested in getting a Reiki treatment, or just becoming more connected to their thoughts, what should they do next?  
Erin:  There are many wonderful people offering all different forms of energy healing. Everyone who offers Reiki will have something different to offer, so your treatments will vary from person to person. Follow your heart!   Take a look at what's being offered locally through the internet or ask around in your circle of friends for a referral.  If you find a practitioner and it feels like a good fit then give it a try. 

Erin's business.
website: www.soleilwellness.com     phone:  (585) 314-9025  
email:  soleilwellness@yahoo.com

So, what do you think Mrs. K. and Mrs. G., are you ready to get some Reiki?  I'm off to find my four words.  Do you think it's OK if I include Brian Williams?

Talk soon, 

P.S.  All photos are by Swell Photography.

Note from Mrs. Gosling:  I would like to thank both Mrs. W and Master Erin for putting this post together.  I have had some experience with alternative methods of healing, not only academically but personally.  I have to agree that the mind, the body and the spirit are inter-twined and very powerful forces for our well-being.  I really appreciate it when super awesome people like Mrs. W and Master E., break it down, so we can slow down and really imagine how we want our life path to continue.  Thanks for doing this!  Were you both drinking green tea and sitting criss cross applesauce, while interviewing?  I hope so ... because that is how I am imagining this convo going and it makes it so much cooler!  Thanks peeps (and Master E.)!

Note from Mrs. Kelly :  Mrs. W., I'm glad you specified about being fully clothed and also told me how to pronounce Reiki.  Master E, I'm curious who your typical clients are...if there is such a thing as a typical client?  Thanks for the window into your world!  


Jacquelyn Kelly said...

Very informative and helpful description from another "Mrs. Kelly" who goes back a LONG way with Mary Beth and Erin. Very proud of both of them!!

Naptime Notebook said...

Mrs. Kellys are so wise! Thank you!

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