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School Supply Valentines

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Naptime Notebook Friends,

You know when we used to go trick-or-treating as kids and the worst part was when someone had the nerve to hand out fruit, or raisins, or pennies?  As a kid, I remember thinking, "What is wrong with them?  Don't they know that Halloween is all about candy?"  Now, as an adult, with another candy-crazy holiday around the corner (Valentine's Day), I, myself, have turned into one of those crazy old people offering up a holiday treat that ISN'T candy.  (Gasp.)  

This year, I thought I would have my son hand out school supplies with fun Valentine's puns instead of candy to his classmates. I know, I know, his peers will probably launch snowballs at him at recess for skimping on the candy.  Perhaps, they'll forgive him when they see how cute the tags are (made by Mrs. Presley our resident printables expert) and realize that a pencil, for instance, will bring much more joy to their lives much longer than some Skittles (yeah, right).  At any rate, I included lots of ideas in case you, too, want to make your kid the most unpopular child in class.  

School Supply Valentine - Pencils
Valentine tags
Just cut up the tags for the pencils.

Valentine printables
Then add a little tape to secure the tag and this sweet Valentine is all done!

School Supply Valentine - Glue Sticks
I'm stuck on you!
These are easy...cut out the tag and tie some baker's twine (or ribbon) to keep the tag secure.

School Supply Valentine - Markers
In order to tie the tag on the marker, I cut two slits at the top.  Then, my little guy threaded some string through the slits.

Once the tag is tied on, it's ready for a Valentine mailbox.

You Make the Mark! Valentine

School Supply Valentine - Ruler
Somehow addressing these cute tags wasn't such a chore for my son.  
Valentine with a ruler
I cut two slits in this tag (one towards the top and one at the bottom).  Then I just threaded the ruler through for a fun and useful Valentine.

School Supply Valentine - Pencil Sharpener
Valentine with pencil sharpener
After this Valentine was addressed, we just taped on a pencil sharpener.  Couldn't be easier...or cuter!

School Supply Valentine - Pens 

To add the pen, I just did that two-slit-thingy again.
You're all write!
I'm kind of nuts about this one.

School Supply Valentine - Paper
Paper Valentine
A little baker's twine wrapped around some post-it notes makes for a sweet Valentine.  Don't you think?
Wouldn't the paper ones be cute with pencils and/or pens attached too?
handmade valentine ideas
Here they are all together.  Lots of options for geeky Valentines!

In my opinion the best part about theseValentines are the cute tags. And you can print them out to by clicking here.


You can also check out some other fun printables that Mrs. Presley has shared with us (and you) here and here.

Off to Staples for some more school supplies,

P.S.  In case you can't get enough of Mrs. Presley's cute work, check out:

P.P.S.  I figured you might want to get started on these Valentines right away, so I sourced out where you can buy each type of school supply affordably below.  



$5.29 for 48 pencils at Staples.

Glue Sticks:
$7.98 for 18 glue sticks at Discount Office Supplies.


$5.96 for 30 washable markers at Amazon.


$5.50 for 48 Valentine ruler bookmarks at Oriental Trading.

Pencil Sharpeners

$7.50 for 24 pencil sharpeners at Oriental Trading.  


$4.00 (on sale) for 60 ballpoint pens at Staples.


Note from Mrs Gosling:  OM to the G!  I love this idea and I love the tags (thanks Mrs. Presley).  I'm totally doing all of these this year!  Thank you so much for taking the guess work out of my munchkins Vday treats ... er, I mean "useful tools that will help them grow, learn and explore their minds."

Ah, so ... when did your oldest get a Tat?  I'm loving the inked arm look!!!

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  Oh man, the teacher in you is all over this post.  I have another to add:  those little post it tabs and then say, "I'm keeping tabs on you."  Just kidding.  I love all of these!  

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