Friday, January 25, 2013

Something New At Our House

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. G., Mrs. K., and Mrs. W.

Hey everyone,

In the spirit of our "New" week here at Naptime Notebook, we thought we'd give you all a peak at something new in each of our houses.  Seriously, what'a a new year without new things? 

Something New in the Williams House

What?  The less than 20 degree Rochester temperatures in the middle of January don't make you want to buy new (actually old) furniture for the sun porch?  Well, sun porch furniture wasn't on the top of my list either.  But, on Saturday afternoon I found myself in the basement (don't ask) of Gregory Weiss Antiques and I couldn't live without this set of 1920's split reed furniture.

Looks like I have some serious cushion-sewing in my future.

They had me at turquoise.

The finish is original.

I hope spring gets here soon.  I can't wait to have some fun decorating the sunporch.

Something New in the Kelly House

Thanks to an amazing sale at Tuesday Morning, we now have a new rug at the Kelly house.  I had been looking for rugs for some time.  The old rug was pretty, but it was worn down and it was time to move on.  So, imagine my surprise when I got an email about a sale and realized the rug I had been eyeing was reduced THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS!  I spent way less than that on this beauty.  It was such a good deal that I herded three small children off with me to grab it!

And because I love a before and after:



The medallions in the rug echo the medallions in the piano!
 It was meant to be!

Something New in the Gosling House

Flu.  Bronchitis.  Pneumonia.  :(  Looking forward to brighter, healthier, diy-filled days ahead!


Anything new at your house lately?

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