Sunday, January 27, 2013

Vintage Valentines on Display

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Ladies, 

Over 80 years ago my grandfather was a little boy just like my little boys are today.  On February 14th each year he also handed out Valentines to all his friends and sweethearts (he's a charmer) in grammar school.  I even have proof...Valentines from my grandfather's childhood.

My mom shared five Valentines from his childhood with me and I oohed and ahhed for at least ten minutes as I tried to take in all the beautiful and intricate details of the vintage Valentines (and the amazingness that these cards still exist!).

Here's a Valentine addressed to my grandpa from Dorothy.

Love Letter

Winking Valentine
The girl in the middle winks!

After I had poured over every tiny detail of the cards, I knew they were too pretty to put back in the envelope my mom stores them in.  So, I pulled out these guys.

Shadowbox ideas
Shadow Box Frames
Then, I just pinned them in the boxes and let their charm and beauty speak for themselves.

I used some twine and mini-clothes pins to display three of the valentines.

All you need for some shadow box fun.

I tied a knot on each end of the twine to make a little clothesline.

Then, I clothespinned  each valentine on the twine and closed up the shadow box.

The whole process of sticking the valentines in the frame couldn't be easier.

But, I'm nuts about the end result.

Frame vintage cards

Frame antique valentine

As you can tell, by now my grandfather's valentines are framed all over the house.  They make me happy.  They make me feel connected to him.  They make me feel, well, like asking my grandpa to be my Valentine this year. (I hope Dorothy won't mind.) 

Be mine, 

Note from Mrs. Gosling:  I am blushing just thinking about how special those Valentine's were for your Grandfather.  I love the simplistic way that you displayed them, drawing the attention to ... well, the Valentine.  It's so fun looking at the faces of the ladies (especially Mrs. Winky Eyes)!!!  I know that they bring a smile to your face every time you pass them.  I also know a couple other boys that would be willing to accept your Valentine proposal!  Thanks for sharing!

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  Those are amazing.  I like how poetic the vintage notes are..."That heart I'll give to thee."  Love how you have displayed them.


David said...

Maybe someday our kids' grandkids will be displaying vintage "Dora the Explorer" Valentines...

Christine said...

so lovely--great idea!

Nicole said...

This is adorable. My Grandma saved her valentines too and keeps them in a photo album...maybe I can convince her to hand some over!
Haha Dave I'll be sure to save some of C's Batman and Spiderman valentines for his grand kids someday :)

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