Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Purple Painted Lady and More .....

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Gosling

Ladies, you won't believe the morning that I had!!!!

Every week, one day a week, for only 2 of the children, for only 2 hours ... I drop them off at the town's Recreation Center, so I can run around and do errands.  I usually run to Target, Lowe's, Wegmans ....  BUT today, was a special day.  I was meeting up with Tricia Kuntz (or Trish, she goes by both .. cause she's cool like that) owner and EXTRAORDINAIRE of the Purple Painted Lady! 

I had the pleasure of meeting Trish (formal education background in engineering, artist at heart) in 2012 when I was a vendor at her Barn Sale & Junk Jubilee.  WHAT AN EVENT!!!  I was completely blown away by the talent of local artists and by Trish's level and commitment to her craft.  She is truly a pioneer, not only with her store, but her home.  She is not afraid to think outside the box or create that "never before seen piece."  Her energy is contagious, her creativity is inspiring and her store is warm & inviting! 

This Saturday, rain or shine (but it will shine!!).  Visit me at my booth at @[345369648856894:844:The Purple Painted Lady Barn Sale & Junk Jubilee].  RSVP to get a free raffle ticket!!  :D

A couple weeks ago, I touched base with Trish because I wanted to head out to pick up some Miss Mustard Seed paint and shamelessly beg her to partner up in a blog post.  Beg, I did not!  Trish was open arms, willing to answer all my questions, give me the tour of her store and provide information on upcoming PPL events (stay tuned, you won't want to miss these).  I also asked Trish if she would give me (& all of you) some insight on her journey as a small business owner, along with tips and tricks to painting.  Here is what she said:

Me:  So, I'm super excited that you teamed up to write this post with  me. What can you tell us about your back story?

Trish:  Well, I have a great little biography written on my website, that gives my personal and professional back story, along with pictures, SONGS and me in my wedding dress.  Check it out!

Me:  What is the best and worst part about owning your own business?

Trish:  The BEST part is the creative side of things and meeting so many interesting & incredible people.  The WORST part is probably that there is no "off" button.  I work all day, nights and most weekends.  Because I am so dedicated to my craft and my business, I am constantly trying new techniques, looking for that next great piece or answering customer's questions.  It is a full, FULL time job!!!  You have to be "all" in to make your own business thrive, so time management is crucial!

Me:  What are your favorite paints and some tips/tricks you can share with us?

Trish:  Well, of course I love Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan and Milk Paint by Miss Mustard Seed! I share many tips on my website - check out my page called "Tips For Chalk Paint."

Me:  What can you tell us about future events or news for your shop?

Trish:  We are planning another Barn Sale in September 2013, with a larger vendor list, community involvement (possibly a charitable donation center), bands, prizes, furniture how-to's.  It's very exciting!  I always post upcoming events, workshops and tips on my facebook page and website!

Thanks Trish! 

Here are a few snapshots of what Trish has in the shop right now:

A cow that Trish created herself.  "Here's looking at you sweetheart."

Look at the size of those candles - HUGE!  The perfect gift for a hostess, Mom, Sister, housewarming ....  And once you have burned them through, you can break apart the wax and place them in votives.  The never ending candle!
Another Trish creation!
Things that Trish taught me, while visiting the store:

1 - Be cool, do what you think is cool, and have no regrets
2 - Color is amazing, use it!
3 - How to properly use PowerPoint to display a room or design (I have   been struggling with Photo shop Elements and Polyvore).  I'm living college life again, PowerPoint 101 (minus the beer .... well, er ....
4 - When in doubt, do it!  Better to use a piece in a new way, then not at all! 

So, if you are in the area .. or not, Trish has thousands of followers from all over the country (I met quite a few of them at the Barn Sale - Sept. '12).  Stop by her shop!  And if you can't, you can stay connected through her website and facebook page.  She is constantly trying new ways to bring new life to furniture with her painting techniques.   

Thanks again Trish (& staff, she couldn't do it alone) for being a strong presence in our Rochester market.  You truly make an impact locally and nationally and we appreciate you! 

Tricia Kuntz, The Purple Painted Lady
208 East Main Street Palmyra NY 14522, Palmyra, New York

This past weekend, I commissioned (well, more like asked nicely and bribed with Doritos) my hubby to cut and prep some pieces for me to paint, with my new MMS Flow Blue.  I can't wait to see how they come out!  Stay tuned!

PS - if you get the chance to stop by Trish's shop (why wouldn't you?) enjoy driving around Palmyra.  It is a quaint little town along the Erie Canal with beautiful turn of the century homes, village eateries and stores.  Palmyra in DA HIZOUZZ!!!

Note from Mrs. Williams:  Mrs. G. thanks so much for providing so many great details and for getting such awesome insight from Tricia.  I'm planning on taking a trip to the shop this weekend.  Trish sounds so fun!  Can't wait!

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  I love the cow print.  :)  The shop looks so fun.  Love the color combos...just makes me happy.  Can't wait to see what other fun creations the purple painted lady comes up with next.  And you too!  Thanks for sharing.  

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stage One of the Entry and Hall Project

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Ladies,

When we first moved into our house, my first thought was that the iron railing along the staircase had to go!
My nemesis for so many years...the iron railing!
My second thought was that the white carpet, while not offensive in any way, also had to go because day by day my boys were going to destroy it!

And then...four years went by.  Today, I'm happy to report that the carpet and railing are gone.  Wanna see how it all went down? 

Well, here's how it looked before we started STAGE ONE - ripping out the carpet and painting the trim and ceiling.

Look at the hardwoods peaking through.  There's potential there, right?

Here's the carpet - getting a bit more stained every day in the upstairs hallway.

Now, let's get this project started.  First we my husband painted the ceiling.  Then, we both painted the bottom half of the walls, below the chair molding, the trim, and the doors.  I begged my husband to give the go ahead on painting the top half of the walls (since he would be doing most of the work), and I got a big, "No," each time I asked.  So, for now, the top half of the walls stayed the same (did you catch that, "for now"'s only a matter of time honey).  

Before:  Do you think the walls needed some new paint, or what?

Painting the ceiling looks fun, no?

We even let our little guys help.

After everything was covered in a fresh coat of Alabaster White, it was time to do some demo.  Yup, time to pull out the carpet, tack strips and all those staples.

Are pajama pants regulation demo attire?

Finally, a glimpse of the hardwoods on the stairs.

From what I hear, carpet removal is no fun. (Taking photos of someone else doing the carpet removal isn't bad at all though.)

Look who I caught resting on the job!

Finally, the white carpet is out of the house!

And here's what was underneath all that carpet.

Next stage of the project...getting the floors refinished.  I'll pass a note with all the details and pictures soon. (And the best part of the next stage?  The iron railing comes out.)

Talk soon,

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  Can't wait to see what's coming next!  Fresh paint alone brightens it all up.  Love the pic of your hubby and little guy.  
Note from Mrs. Gosling:  I am literally pumped (pump pump it up) for the finale.  I can't wait to see what happens next.  And when you are done, please come over and do my railing!!!! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Painting the Town Red - Girl's Night Out With a Twist

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Kelly

Hey all,

It's paint week and I can't think of a better time to share our latest group outing.  The girls and I recently ventured to Painting With a Twist in Fairport, New York.

What is Painting With A Twist, you ask?  Well, Painting With A Twist is a locally owned store (but part of a national franchise) that invites people to come and paint with friends.  The "twist" is that patrons can bring a bottle of wine and snacks to share while they are painting.  Sounds pretty awesome, no?  

Here is what you will see when you arrive:

Different Paintings They Have Completed In The Past

When you come in, you are greeted by several staff members.  I can tell you ALL the employees were incredibly friendly.  They, too, have fun here and it shows.  It's kind of refreshing to walk into a place where everyone is happy.  It even says this on the floor:

Once you are signed in, you are given a seat (if you plan to go with a group of friends, make sure to request to sit next to one another).

At this time you can organize your snacks and beverages.  This is important!  I loved seeing the snacks line up.  But what I loved even more is that while I brought a bag of pretzels to share, Mrs. Williams had to take it to another level and not only bring appetizers, but her own basket and linens for presentation.  I'm not kidding.  Look below.  There's my lonely blue bag of pretzels and there's Mrs. Williams with her spread.  

Then we got our smocks on.  The girls thought it was hilarious that I had a necklace on with my smock.  It's probably like when I wear heels in my sweats.  I'm just fashion forward like that.

"Okay ladies, let's do this."  Cheers to friendships, the arts and local businesses!  Who is ready to paint some cherry blossoms?

Soon our lovely instructor, Sarah, was directing us on the stage.  Here she is along with the painting we were recreating.  Sarah was so cool.  She made everyone feel at ease (even if you didn't study art in school like her and your skills were kind of, uh, elementary).  Sarah gave us step by step instructions on how to create our masterpieces.  She stood on the stage and demonstrated each move.  There were some people who didn't follow Sarah at all.  And, that was okay too.  In fact, that's the best part about art--there's no such thing as a bad painting!

Our artist for the evening - Sarah

Let the painting begin!  Mrs. Gosling and Mrs. Williams were initially bummed that we were painting blooms and not Ryan and Brian.  But, they quickly got over it.  Move over Monet, there's some new gals in town...

Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Gosling getting their paint on.
And here they are thirty minutes and one large glass of wine later:

I kid!  But seriously, can you sense the fun we are having?  At one point the instructor had us take a break and play a game.  We were asked to put a paper plate on our head and draw an object without looking.  Sarah instructed us to draw a large face.  Mrs. Williams apparently took that to mean, draw Hangman.  

She's (Mrs. Williams) trying to sell Hangman to us here but we're not buying it.  Go back to whipping up Lego closets and paper heart mobiles, mmkay?  We've got the paper plate.

Here's mine:

Before we knew it, we were done with our paintings and it was time to leave.  Are you ready for the big reveal?!  Gosling and Williams staged the picture below.  We're smizing with our works of art.

Be honest, you like the one in the middle best, right?  It's okay.  It can be our secret. 

We had the BEST time at Painting With a Twist.  If you are looking for a fun night out with the girls, I highly recommend you plan a visit.  But wait, it's not just for the girls!

Painting would be fun for so many different groups and parties.  John, the owner, and Lisa, the manager, are fantastic! They are so welcoming and they will work to make sure you have a fun time.  I think this would be great for corporate functions when you're looking for something to DO with a group of people.  Or, if you were looking to go out with people who don't all know one another, it's a fun icebreaker.  They even have painting sessions for the kiddos.  Lisa said if you were interested in a particular picture they could work with you.  Personally, I dig the local scenes like the Rochester skyline or the Lift Bridge in Fairport (see below).

Thank you Carly, Lisa, Sarah and John.  You guys rock!  

We can't wait to come again!  I have a paint suggestion for our next party and I already checked with the other girls:

Painting With a Twist
1276 Fairport Road
Fairport, New York 14450

See you soon and thanks for the fun night!

Note from Mrs. Gosling:  I would like to point out the fact that I, Mrs. Gosling, was the only NN'er that followed the color direction on the tree.  Um, can I get a detention pass for Mrs. K & Mrs. W, please!  Joking, joking!  Painting with a Twist was so much fun (especially with a little vino and some eats) BUT the best part was the company and staff.  Thanks for a great time! 

Note from Mrs. Williams:  Do you think it would be OK if I hung out at Painting With a Twist every night?  I mean this place was the perfect combination of fun - paint, food, rule number five, music playing in the background, and friends.  
P.S.  That hangman on the paper plate was like a Picasso!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Accidental Paint Project

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Girls - 

Here's a little story about how what I thought was going to be a quick paint freshening up of our built-in cabinet doors turned into a few hours of painting and plain old work on a Saturday morning.  You see, we had some trim paint out.  I thought, why not just paint over all the gross handprints on the cabinet doors of the built-ins (some people would just clean them off)?   So, I swiped a little paint on, and just like that the handprints were gone.  Now I had nice, clean, shiny white paint surrounded by old, dingy white paint everywhere else on the cabinet.  So, then I rolled paint on the entire cabinet doors.  Beautiful...except for the now the shelves looked even dirtier...and so it went for a few hours...paint one portion of the built-ins only to realize that I would have to paint even more.  

Pretty soon all my chotchkies were off the shelves.  

The shelves were out of the cabinets and my kids were wreaking havoc on the house, unsupervised, as I cursed that first brush stroke on those cabinet doors.

Twenty-four hours later (the longest I have ever let paint dry), I started putting all the knick-knacks back on the shelves.

I started with the big stuff.

Then, I added some smaller stuff (trying to include a little green and yellow on each shelf).

Finally, I added the little stuff (usually my favorites...guess I'm a small-chotchie kind of girl).

There are two upsides of this accidental project.  1.  The cabinets do look better (in a cleaner sort of way that no one will ever notice but me).  2.  I got a chance to really take a look at the things that sit on our shelves and appreciate them a little more.  

Like this MG that Mrs. K. got me for my birthday.

And this tiny basket that my husband and I picked up while teaching in Belize.

Oh, and this fan.  It just makes me happy.
Here's a very small piece of art that my husband and I bought PK (pre-kids) when we didn't have to buy backpacks and clothes and food and....I could go on and on...for little ones.
The good news about this project is that I have put down the trim paint and I don't ever plan to ever just "put a little there" ever again.

Lesson learned,

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  I love that you just spent a morning "accidentally" painting your built ins.  I also LOVE that 24 hours is the longest you've waited for paint to dry...a girl after my own heart.  Thanks for sharing how you stage your shelves.  You are the chotchkie QUEEN.  You have a (knick) knack for making everything look lovely without it looking cluttered.

Note from Mrs. Gosling:  Fresh paint makes everything better, nice job!  And ... really, Belize?  You and BWilliams are major jetsetters!!!!

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