Friday, February 15, 2013

10 Day Detox Cleanse Wrap-Up

Passing Notes Today: Mrs. Gosling


The moment of truth is upon us.  How did the 10 day detox cure my holiday woes (Remember when I started here and here)?  Well, long term .. it gave me a better idea of what I should be eating (whole wheat grains, lean protein, low sugar).  It also confirmed the importance of H2O.   I have always drank quite a bit during the day (my trick is I fill a huge water bottle every morning and drink the whole thing x 2, every day). 

The detox also gave me the push I needed to get back to my BKB (translation: before kids bod). 

I don't have visions of sultry bikinis or tube tops, I never rocked either of them, but I am excited to start getting back to "me."  There was a time when I had leg muscle and you could see it!

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The detox also showed me that I don't have to cook with pasta, all the time.  I found that the kids were just as happy without it and devoured dinner, without a second glance.  After talking with my brother (thanks PI), he assured me that lean protein, carb-loaded veggies & fruits are very hip and crossfit-esqueUnfortunately, I won't be joining the crossfit community (although it would be awesome) it's cool to think that I am on the right track. 

If you are looking for some lean protein, kid friendly, budget accommodating recipes - check out our pinterest page! 

Oh yea, lost 7 lbs. total.  Not too shabby?!?  It's a new year and a new stage of my life (translation:  no more pregnancies) so it's my job to keep that off and more, get back to having more muscle and less penne and teach my kiddies to respect what they are eating AND enjoy it! 

Get cooking,

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  I'm impressed by your 7 lb loss but mostly I'm impressed by your new attitude and focus on eating healthier.  I need to get on that train.  :)  Way to go Mrs. G.

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