Monday, February 4, 2013

10 Detox Cleanse Update

Passing notes today:  Mrs. G

Hey girls - 

In keeping with the spirit of love this week...oh, how I love me some weight loss. 

So ... it's going pretty well.  I am now 4 days into my detox cleanse and I feel really GREAT!  I haven't changed my workout schedule (swim 1 day, 30 min. cardio at least 2 times a week), eating leaner and cut back almost all sugars. 

Some things I have discovered during my 4 days:

*  I actually need coffee or tea in the morning to warm my bones, so I have kept that up.

*  I could only stomach the Fat Flush Water for 3 days and then I had to let it go.  The combination of grapefruit and cucumber, not cool.  I do however continue to drink as much H2O as I always did (appr. 2 liters/day).

*  Sometimes at night, I drink a glass of wine.  Sorry, I'm only human.

*  I don't like Freekeh.  I went from making cheddar broccoli rice to making long grain rice.  Tastes great

*  I really don't miss pasta and I was eating quite a bit of it. 

*  I think that my muscle toning has kicked it up a notch, I have noticed a considerable difference and I am attributing it to the leaner protein.

*  Greek Yogurt.  It's actually really good!  I buy it with fruit to cut down the richness.

*  I have lost ...... 5 lbs.  NICE! 

Here are some of the meals I have made:

1 - Stuffed green peppers (ground turkey,brown rice, carrots, celery, onion, salt and pepper) with chefs salad. 

2 - Salsa stir fry chicken, with peppers & onions, wrapped in a romaine lettuce leaf or alone, with side veggie.

3 -  Egg, pepper, turkey sausage, onion frittata.  With loads of red hot, yes ... loads!

And last, but not least ... my new favorite salad dressing.  It's amazing.  It was featured in this months' Country Living magazine.  I have made it quite a few times.  I whisk it up in a large pyrex measuring cup and use it for a few days.  Instead of mustard greens, I use romaine lettuce.  personal preference.

Stay tuned for the final results! 

Note from Mrs. Williams5 pounds?  That's majorly impressive!  Well done Mrs. G.!

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  I'm going to try the salad dressing.  And, not so much the freekah.  Good job.

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