Monday, February 25, 2013

Accidental Paint Project

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Girls - 

Here's a little story about how what I thought was going to be a quick paint freshening up of our built-in cabinet doors turned into a few hours of painting and plain old work on a Saturday morning.  You see, we had some trim paint out.  I thought, why not just paint over all the gross handprints on the cabinet doors of the built-ins (some people would just clean them off)?   So, I swiped a little paint on, and just like that the handprints were gone.  Now I had nice, clean, shiny white paint surrounded by old, dingy white paint everywhere else on the cabinet.  So, then I rolled paint on the entire cabinet doors.  Beautiful...except for the now the shelves looked even dirtier...and so it went for a few hours...paint one portion of the built-ins only to realize that I would have to paint even more.  

Pretty soon all my chotchkies were off the shelves.  

The shelves were out of the cabinets and my kids were wreaking havoc on the house, unsupervised, as I cursed that first brush stroke on those cabinet doors.

Twenty-four hours later (the longest I have ever let paint dry), I started putting all the knick-knacks back on the shelves.

I started with the big stuff.

Then, I added some smaller stuff (trying to include a little green and yellow on each shelf).

Finally, I added the little stuff (usually my favorites...guess I'm a small-chotchie kind of girl).

There are two upsides of this accidental project.  1.  The cabinets do look better (in a cleaner sort of way that no one will ever notice but me).  2.  I got a chance to really take a look at the things that sit on our shelves and appreciate them a little more.  

Like this MG that Mrs. K. got me for my birthday.

And this tiny basket that my husband and I picked up while teaching in Belize.

Oh, and this fan.  It just makes me happy.
Here's a very small piece of art that my husband and I bought PK (pre-kids) when we didn't have to buy backpacks and clothes and food and....I could go on and on...for little ones.
The good news about this project is that I have put down the trim paint and I don't ever plan to ever just "put a little there" ever again.

Lesson learned,

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  I love that you just spent a morning "accidentally" painting your built ins.  I also LOVE that 24 hours is the longest you've waited for paint to dry...a girl after my own heart.  Thanks for sharing how you stage your shelves.  You are the chotchkie QUEEN.  You have a (knick) knack for making everything look lovely without it looking cluttered.

Note from Mrs. Gosling:  Fresh paint makes everything better, nice job!  And ... really, Belize?  You and BWilliams are major jetsetters!!!!

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