Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Are We There Yet?

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Ladies,

What's worse...getting a tooth pulled or a 6+ hour car ride kids?  In my book, it was the multi-hour car ride with my rowdy boys...until I put together this tub of car ride activities for the boys in the back seat. In case you're getting on the road with your little ones, I thought I'd share the contents of the travel tub I put together.  They're all easy to make and super inexpensive to buy.  

Homemade Games:

Search and Find:  My son and I made these picture search cards.  First we pulled out some old magazines.  Then, we cut out a bunch of images and glued them onto a piece of white paper.

Once we had pages full of images, we laminated them (you could cover the pages with packing tape instead).  Finally, we sat down together.  I had my son read off images that he could find, and I made little cards with five words each to coordinate with each paper.  We played this game on our most recent car trip.  The boys each had a picture card and I read off what they should find (using the cards) from the front seat.  Then, they would switch and I would shout out new objects for them to find.

Can you find a pumpkin?

What's a car ride without the family singing loudly off-key together?  No fun, right?  So, to prepare for some sing alongs, I typed up some song titles, laminated them, and stuck them in a fabric bag (of course, ziplock bags would work perfectly too).

"I've been working on the railroad all the livelong day..."

Travel Scavenger Hunt

Instead of making a bunch of travel bingo cards, I decided to just type up and laminate some items that we might spot along the road.  I cut up the items and then stuffed them in a bag (recognize the fabric from here?).  With this game each kid pulled an item card out of the bag and then kept their eyes out for that object for, like, hours.  OK, not so much. But, while playing this game in the car, I never wanted to find a railroad track (the hunted object) so badly in my life.

Dice Games
While shopping at 5 Below, I found some mix-matched dice for $.25 each.  I snatched up four and then googled some games (in hindsight I should have bought 5 dice - there are a lot more games with 5 dice).  Once I found some games, I typed them up and laminated them.  While riding in the car, the boys played some games and learned a little too...most of them are math related.

Check out the cookie tray.  I bought two of these at the Dollar Tree.  The cookie trays provide an awesome flat surface for the boys to work on while in the car (and they fit in the plastic tub).
Marble Maze
I sewed up some marble mazes to stick in the travel tub too.  (I'll put all the steps together for another note to you guys on another day.)  On the car ride, I just dug these mazes out of the tub and threw them at to the boys.  Their task was to move the marble inside the fabric square through the stitched maze.

Dollar Store Finds:
I stuffed the plastic travel tub filled with a few new toys for the boys to discover on the car ride, too.  

Go Fish, a dry erase board, and little ball games.

Coloring books, stickers, and crayons (even girly ones for me - there are too many boys in my life).
I put some little plastic animals in the tub, too.
We put the travel tub to the test on a trip to Boston recently and I'm happy to report that we didn't hear, "Are we there yet?" once.  We did however hear, "I'm hot."  "I'm tired."  "I'm cold."  "I'm hungry."  Got any ideas for a travel tub activity that can actually silence the kids?

Sanity or Bust,

P.S.  I'm also busy creating free resources for teachers at my Brain Waves Instruction store.  If you're a teacher, stop by and see what's new.  

Mrs. Gosling Comment:  I literally have no words for the amount of time, effort and love you put into your road trip.  I usually hand them all a ziploc bag of pretzels and tell them to count the clouds.  You are so awesome.  I bet it was a fun ride.  So, like the marble mazes look pretty rad (hint, hint)

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  I'm still focusing on the cleanliness of your vehicle during a road trip.  What the?   You are a rock star mom.  I can't wait till we get to go on a road trip together. I'll be in charge of the sing-along bag (duets anyone?).  Thanks for the great ideas.


Jodi said...

I would love it if you would share your typed up cards for the games. Awesome ideas!! hoopesfam at gmaildotcom

mrsshanip said...

I would love the typed lists too!!

Anonymous said...

I'd love the typed games list (the dice games sound awesome!).
lauren33_01 at hotmaildotcom

Anonymous said...

I would love the typed instructions for the dice games!

Breanna Dreyer said...

I would love the typed up dice game cards! We are leaving in 2 days for a 3 day car ride there {and back 3 more days} having these would help as I've already got a couple ready to go! :) Thank you! breeze80 at gmail dot com

Joseph and Kamber said...

Moving across the country this summer 33 hours in a car with 6 kids. PLEASE send me your all lists. kamberdent at yahoo dot com

thanks so much

Joseph and Kamber said...

Moving across the country this summer. 33 hours in a car with 6 kids. I need all your lists please. kamberdent at yahoo dot com

Thanks so much.

Ellen said...

Thank you for the fun ideas! Please send me your lists: eebartee@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Please send me the dice games! Thanks-sosheachaney@gmail.com

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