Friday, February 22, 2013

Comfort Food Survival

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Gosling 

Hey girls,

When I'm in survival mode, I stick close to home...and start cooking.  I decided this week to show my appreciation for the ones that I love by making something special.  And who better to bring to the survival party ...... than Mrs. Comfort Food herself:  Barefoot Contessa, or if you are kickin' it first name basis like I am, Ina Garten (totally kidding, but I would love to scoop flour in her kitchen, right after cutting hydrangeas from her Hamptons garden).  
It must have been fate.  Just as I was conjuring up my little plan to make food .... an amazing episode of Barefoot Contessa came on.  It featured her Honey Vanilla Pound Cake!  Calgon, take me away .... there goes that detox cleanse.  Good thing I had decided to give all of this food away and not keep it here ... well, maybe just a little. 
To accompany the pound cake, I decided to whip up a batch of Barefoot Contessa's warm and scrumptious Cheddar Corn Chowder.  I have made this for many years, it is a crowd pleaser and you can get quite a few servings out of one recipe.  My afternoon went a little like this:

In addition to the pound cake, I mixed up a quick lemon cream cheese.  Super easy! 
* One 8 oz. package of room temp. cream cheese
*1/2 cup of sugar
*zest of one lemon
Mix the ingredients on medium speed, for about 2 minutes.  Voila! 


I better get going, I have a lot of deliveries to make, near and far!  How better to say "I love you" than with home cookin'!  Thanks Ina, I'll ring you later Girl! 

Cheddar makes everything Beddar,

PS - Mrs. W & Mrs. K are so much better at wordplay.  Sorry, so lame!  

Note from Mrs. Williams - You know what's better than reading notes from you?  Getting yummy Cheddar Corn Chowder and Pound Cake delivered to our door by you!  Thanks for spoiling us and making our day. 

Note from Mrs. Kelly - You and Ina were destined to be besties.  I wish someone had filmed you dropping off that pound cake at my door just like they film Ina in her Beamer.  Anyhoo...that lemon topping is TO. Die. For.   If someone is looking for an impressive dessert, look no further.  Also, I am happy when you are in survival mode!  

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