Thursday, February 14, 2013

Free, Functional and Full of Memories

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. G

Hey Peeps!  Happy Valentine's Day!

I thought today would be perfect to share a project I just tackled.  I recently got my hands on a super special mirror that used to belong to my Grandparents.  I love it!  It's heavy, substantial, intricate, LARGE and fits perfectly in between our living room windows.  I put it up, without changing a thing, and lived with it for a while.  WELL .... I finally decided that I wanted to lighten the color.  It was a goldey, brassey, vintagey color.  I really liked that and I think that it does nod to older and modern days, but for some reason it wasn't sitting right with me.  It might have been the couch color or my need to try to create more of a monochromatic look, either way, it got a face lift.  

I had some spray paint in the cupboard from the spoon plaque that I did.  Instead of taping off the mirror, I just set it up outside (we had a string of nice weather in Upstate NY ... short lived) and started spraying.  Call me a rebel, but I really like scraping dried paint off of mirror/glass surfaces.  I know, I know .. it's extra work, it's messy, it's kind of weird.  To me, it's therapeutic!   

Here are 2 before shots:

I suggest using a multi-surface spray, a razor, and some muscle.  If you spray the mirror, let it sit for a few minutes, the spray paint will scrape right up.  I clean it with paper towel and more multi-purpose spray.  When it was dry, I sanded the edges to let some of the gold through, with a sanding block and then vacuumed with my soft bristle attachment. 
After I was done cleaning the mirror up, I hung it right back where it belongs.  I'm digging the new look and how the gold shows through in spots.  A little old, a little new but the same old mirror.  Just how I remember it! 

Are you working on any vintage pieces, but hoping to give them a new look?  I would love to hear about them OR better yet, see them.  Post your pics on our facebook page.  Can't wait! 

PS - do you notice that wall in the reflection of the mirror?  Yea, that's the Family Gallery/Pseudo TV wall.  Stay tuned to see what I have in store for it.  All I have to say is UNION JACK! 

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  I would never have thought you could just spray a mirror without taping.  That looks so awesome.  

Mrs. Williams Comment:  I'm loving how you sanded the paint so that the gold shows through.  I was thinking it could be quite a metaphor - you know, how the past is always with us?  OK - never mind, the mirror looks awesome.

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