Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Grocery Store Survival

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hi Girls -

I feel like I am at the grocery store all the time.  I've just never mastered the weekly grocery store visit.  My boys, on the other hand, have mastered how to drive me crazy while we're there almost daily.  In fact, I'm there so often that I actually got a coupon FROM the grocery store.  It was addressed to "our most valued customers." Yeah, it was a thanks-for-spending-your-entire-paycheck-and-free-time-with-us coupon.  I was like, "Sweet.  Let's go grocery shopping." 

Cue my boys:
"Not again." 
"Can't we just stay home?"

In response to their pre-grocery store whining (to be followed by their in-the-grocery-store-whining), I decided to find a way to make all our grocery shopping more fun.  And what's more fun than a scavenger hunt?  So, I created a grocery store scavenger hunt that the boys could complete while I roamed the store aisles.  It was a pretty quick process.  I created a table on Microsoft Word and inserted pictures from Clip Art.

I filled each "card" with different items.  You know, keep the competition between the brothers to a minimum.

I got pretty into it, and decided I could make a couple of educational versions too (numbers and letters for my youngest son and simple words for my oldest son).

We're going to try these two on our next grocery trip (so, probably tomorrow).

I figured the boys could switch scavenger hunt papers during another grocery trip, so I put them into these plastic page protectors and gave the kids markers and a paper towel.  This way they could mark up their grids without ruining the paper.

One glimpse at those scavenger hunt papers and the boys were loaded into the car.  And, once we got to the grocery store, they didn't even complain about riding in the grocery cart.

Then the scavenger hunt began.

He's crossing out apples on his paper.
He's on the lookout for bread.

No whining...just pure concentration.  (Sorry for the funky colors in this picture.)
Almost done!

It was our best shopping trip ever...happy boys and a happy mom (with my valued customer coupon in hand).

Off to the grocery store again (with our scavenger hunts of course),

P.S.  If you would like a copy of these scavenger hunts, pass us a note and I'll send them to you.

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  Love, love, love this!  Now can you please figure out an alternative to those huge SUV-carts?  Thank you for making my shopping experience better!

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