Friday, February 8, 2013

My Funny Valentines - Mustache and Lip Suckers

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Kelly

Hey girls,

I wanted to show you a fun, inexpensive valentine project we did at the Kelly home (and by we, I mean mostly me).  I had seen a couple versions of this idea on etsy and figured I could make my own.  Then I added some tags, and voila!  The kids loved them.

To get started, gather your supplies.

  1. one red posterboard
  2. one black posterboard
  3. tootsie pops
  4. scissors
  5. hole punch (about 1/8)
  6. tags / string



1.  First, I made a mustache template.  It's best to fold your paper in half to get a symmetrical 'stache.  Then I cut a long strip of the black posterboard (vertically) about 2 inches wide. 

2.  Fold the cut paper down the center (vertically) and using your template, folded in half, trace half of the mustache.

3.  Once you have your mustaches traced, go ahead and cut!

4.  Repeat same concept for lips.  Make a template , then cut a strip of paper, fold, trace and cut.

5.  Take your hole punch and punch a hole in the mustaches and lips.  *Make sure to make the hole toward the bottom center of the lips and mustaches.  If you make it too high up it won't work as well.  I used a 1/8 punch.  You don't want the holes to be too big.

6.  Slide the mustaches and lips onto your suckers.

7.  Add tags.  I made some quick tags on the computer.  
For the lips, the tag reads:  "Read my lips:  you rock valentine!"
For the mustaches, the tag reads:  "I must-ache you a question:  be my valentine?"

8.  Enjoy!


If you need me, I'll be enjoying lollipops and pretending I'm Tom Selleck or Angelina Jolie.

Happy Friday,


Note from Mrs. G:  Angelina?  What about Bob Ross?  Remember him!  Love the idea, thanks for sharing! 


David said...

Some other ideas for the tags:

"I can't handle(bar) your love!"

"Fu Manchu wanna be my Valentine?"

"I love you more than Maude Flanders loved Ned Flanders"

Anonymous said...

Really cute, Mrs. Kelly!!!

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