Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Needle and Thread Valentines - Five Ways

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hi Girls - 

This past weekend, I wanted to make some Valentines for the lovely people in my life.  At first, I thought that maybe I could use my sewing machine to whip up something special.  Then, Mrs. Kelly, you popped into my head.  Just as I was approaching my sewing machine, I heard you say, "but Mrs. Williams, I don't have a sewing machine."  So, instead of putting my foot on the sewing machine pedal, I grabbed a needle and a spool of thread (and some other crafty stuff) and got busy making valentines without the sewing machine.  

pink thread

Here are all the cards before my needle and thread hit them.

Blank Valentines

Card One:  Stitchy Love
First, I gathered supplies.  A pencil, blank card, and the needle and thread.

Then, I wrote "love" in my best fourth-grade-cursive on the bottom right of the card.

Look closely, love is there.

 Finally, I threaded my needle and stitched over my penciled "love."

Stitch the word love

To cover up the stitches on the other side of the card, I glued a bit of scrap paper over them.

Stitchy love...done.

Stitch love
I erased my pencil lines after I was done stitching the love.

Card Two:  Fabric Heart
What's a sewing craft without some fabric, right?  So, for this card I pulled out some pink fabric scraps.

Then I cut a quick heart shape out of one of the fabrics and started stitching it onto the center of a card.

Finally, after stitching around the fabric heart, I was done.

Card Three:  Paper Pocket Sealed with a Button
This card began with a little experimenting with some scrapbook paper.  I wanted to make a little pocket to glue on a card to fill with a valentine note.  So, after I figured out how to make a pocket shape, I cut it out.

Paper Pocket

Then, I folded the paper pocket.

Before I glued the pocket onto the card, I got the needle and thread out again.  I added a button to seal up the sides.


Finally, I added a little note on some other scrapbook paper.

Card Four:  Paper Hearts
I picked up some sweet scrapbook paper at Michael's.  To make this next valentine, I cut out a few hearts from the paper.

Then, instead of gluing the paper hearts in place, I stitched them each on to the card right down the center of the heart.

Just a few minutes (and finger pokes...that needle!) later, this card was finished.

Hand sewn hearts

handmade valentines

Card Five:  XOXO - Twine and Buttons
I love me some bakery twine.  So, I couldn't resist using a little twine on the valentines I made.  

Bakery Twine Craft

First, I poked some holes so that I could make some "X's" with the twine.  Then, I threaded the twine through the holes.

Then, after I made the twine X's, I stitched some buttons onto the card for the O's.

Here's what it looked like when it was all finished.

Speaking of finished, all five of the needle and thread valentines were finished and ready to seal with a kiss in no time. 



I hope you like them.  Keep your eyes out girls, there may be one in your mailbox soon.

Happy Valentine's Day -  

P.S.  When I'm not making valentines, I'm busy creating free resources for teachers at my Brain Waves Instruction store.  If you're a teacher, stop by and see what's new.  

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  I've looked at this a few times now and each time my favorite changes!  I love the "xo" one.  But, I think my favorite is "love."  I would frame these.  You're sew awesome.  

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Moe said...

I love these, and am totally stealing this idea. My 5 year-old daughter's school doesn't allow store-bought valentines, only handmade ones, and her teacher has taught her how to do some basic sewing - I think she would love making these for her friends! Off to Michaels!

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