Thursday, February 7, 2013

Paper Heart Mobile

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Ladies - 

How's it hanging (read on and that will make more sense)?  When we go to the mall, my sons love playing in Pottery Barn Kids.  They think it's like a toy store (the employees love that).  I think it's like inspiration central.  (Not purchase central).  Since I have two boys, I often find myself looking longingly at the little girl section.  The flowers, the butterflies, the cute!  During our last trip there, I saw this butterfly paper mobile (for $45).  
Pink Paper Butterfly Mobile

I examined it closely and thought it was probably pretty doable to just make one.  I decided to use paper hearts in the spirit of Valentine's day (and since I knew a heart paper cutter was probably readily available).  The project itself is easy.  The number of hearts that I ended up having to string up was pretty tedious.  But, in the end, I'm really happy with it.  Do you think one of my son's will let me hang it over his bed all year round???

Here's how I did it.  First I gathered materials:

  • An embroidery hoop (I had one left over from this project.)
  • Yarn
  • Fishing line (you can get some in the jewelry making section of JoAnn's or Michaels).
  • Valentine paper (lots left over from this craft)
  • Heart puncher (bought one for 50% at JoAnn's - but you could just cut out all the hearts)
  • Seed beads (like for making jewelry)
  • Wire (used the same stuff I used in this project)
  • Needle (with a large eye)

 Then, I twisted three pieces of wire across the hoop.

Next, I punched a whole bunch of hearts out of the Valentines paper (this paper has designs on two sides - that's probably important since you can see both sides of the paper when it's hanging).

Then, it was time to start stinging the hearts onto the fishing line.  First, I threaded a bead onto the fishing line.

Here are the beads right before they all ended up on the floor.  I love little helpers!

 Then, I tied a knot around the bead to secure it into place.

After that, I put a needle on the fishing line and then used it to thread the paper heart onto the line.

Then, it was just a matter of repeating the process (tie a bead and add a heart) for all the strings of the chandelier.  In the middle of the chandelier my strings had about six hearts.  Then, as I progressed to the edges of the hoop, I threaded about four hearts onto the strings.

My favorite part was tying the heart strings onto the hoop (it felt like progress).

After a while, all the hearts were strung up and it was time to do something about the wooden hoop.  Mrs. G. suggested wrapping yarn around its edges, so I took her advice and patiently (wink) wrapped the yarn around the entire hoop.

I added long pieces of yarn at four points along the hoop so that I could hang (tape) the chandelier from the ceiling.

What do you think?  Is it making you want to punch out and string up a whole bunch of little shapes or are you just glad I did it and not you?  Maybe I should stay out of Pottery Barn Kids, I'd hate to get the notion that I could build some bunk beds.

Catcha Later,

P.S.  When I'm not stealing ideas from Pottery Barn :), I'm busy creating free resources for teachers at my Brain Waves Instruction store.  If you're a teacher, stop by and see what's new.  

Note from Mrs. G:  Ah, that's really sweet.  I will take one with tonka trucks, soccer balls or MONEY!  Love it!

Note from Mrs. K:  I actually like the hearts BETTER than the butterfly one from PBKids.  How much do you think yours cost to make?  I love that you can customize theme AND colors.  


Bekah said...

That is adorable! I made a papercraft mobile for my youngest son, and yes...stringing it together got old really fast, but the effect was worth it!

Great Job!

harlie said...

I think it looks sweet! I don't know that my fingers could take all that meticulous work, but I think it was well worth it!

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