Monday, February 11, 2013

Something Old, Something New - A Valentine To My Grandmother

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Gosling

Hi Ladies! 

Irish Wedding Shower, 2004
Recently, I have worked with my family to finalize my maternal grandmother's items.  They have been stored for the past 4.5 years, since her passing.  Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the services (I was in labor with our 2nd child), so this process has offered a sense of closure for me.  It has been really nice "un-earthing" her treasures; it brought me back to childhood holidays, summer stays and family gatherings.  When I was married (2004) she began giving me things from her collections, to start building my home full of memories.  I have cherished them and displayed them, when possible. 

During the overhaul, I was able to snag some solid pieces from my Grandmother's collection.  She always had timeless items (that are coming back into style but need a little "facelift").

Here are some snapshots of things I am working on, check in to see what I do with them (all with my Moms permission, of course)!

Here is a piece that I worked on, during our warm spell a few weeks ago:

Hmmm?  What could this be? 

Surprise, it's a vintage spoon resting plaque. 
I can remember this from a very young age (maybe 4 or 5).  It used to sit in the dining room of my grandparent's place and there are spoons from special places that they had been.  I loved looking at them--my Grandfather used to pick me up and we would read the destinations one at a time.  Most of the places I have been too, or imagine myself visiting some day.  I like how the spoons add an even deeper sense of mystery about my Grandparents.  I never heard about the trips and now I can make up my own little version of their adventures.  It's kind of like being a kid again!

All it took was a quick coat of cream spray paint, some tarn x silver cleaner and a new knob hanger (that actually came off of the fireplace doors, I changed those out last weekend too).  Instead of using a boring screw .... Hubby used the dremel tool to cut the head off a screw, set the screw in the knob and then he was able to anchor that into the wall.   Easy Peasy!  

The old knobs were fine (glass ones), but I was at Hobby Lobby, saw these, on sale, $2 each.  SOLD!  They give the fireplace a little more character and match the field stone better. 

Here is something else that I am working on .......

Stay tuned to see what I do next! 

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  I love that you have these treasures in your home and that you are reminded of your grandparents when you look at them.  That's what it's all about, no?  

Note from Mrs. Williams:  What a wonderful way to remember the people we love.  Mrs. G., those spoons are so pretty and intricate.  I'm going to go reread your note right now just so that I can admire them again.

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