Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sweet and Simple Teacher Valentines

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Friends,

Just when I thought we had valentines under control at our house (thanks for the printables Mrs. P.), I realized that I had forgotten the teachers in my boys' lives.  Here's the thing, between the two of them, there are FIVE teachers.  So, a small gift can really add up when it's multiplied by five.  That's why I was psyched when I roamed into the seasonal aisle at Wegmans the other day and found all the "ingredients" for a sweet and simple Valentine for their teachers.  

Supply Costs:  Bags - $.50 each, Heart Dishes - $1.00 each, Chocolates - $5.00

My little guy filled the dishes with chocolate.

Then, I wrapped up the heart dish and he stuck it into a bag.

He punched some holes for ribbon.

Finally, I tied some ribbon and added a tag. (I used Mrs. P.'s tags again figuring the school supply references still worked with the teachers.)

Alternative Wrapping - Tie some clear wrapping paper around the dish with ribbon.

I hope the boys' teachers like their sweet and simple Valentines. I'm thinking they'll be able to reuse the heart dishes for paper clips, or thumbtacks, or confiscated little toys that the kids bring in...that is, after they've enjoyed the small moment of peace that each chocolate brings them.

Hope your Valentines are under control at your house,

Note from Mrs. Gosling:  I love how thoughtful you always are with gifting.  And now, I know how inferior I am with gifting :)  I think that I need to make a trip to Weggies, to the seasonal aisle and then to the candy aisle!!!  Thanks for a great idea.  

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  Good thing our kids are not in the same class!  Stealing this one.  :)

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