Friday, February 1, 2013

Valentine to the Football Fans in Our Lives

Passing Notes Today:  The Naptime Notebook Girls

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We thought we'd share some fun football notes that we passed this autumn in honor of our sweethearts (real husbands).  They each will be glued to TV this Sunday, cheering/swearing, and trying to consume as many chicken wings as possible while watching the Superbowl.  Consider this note a little Valentine to our Valentines.  See boys, we care about football (as long as it involves crafts and yummy food).

Football Party Invite (just click on titles to read the original note)
If you're having people over on Sunday, there's still time to make these football party crafts.  Mrs. Williams shares all the party planning details to make invites, place cards, a centerpiece, and silverplasiticware settings.

Superbowl party

Mrs. Pattison (guest Naptime Notebooker Jill Chodak) shared a recipe for "Can I lick the bowl, too?" Buffalo Chicken Dip.  She's a Buffalo girl, so she knows her chicken wings.

recipe for buffalo wing dip

DIY & Tutorial Football Shirt
Mrs. Gosling shares all the steps and sewing tricks to make this football shirt.  Can't you just see everyone at your Superbowl party in one now?

The Bills (And Our Military. And West Herr) Make Me Wanna Shout 
Read all about Mrs. Kelly's tale describing what happens when you combine a huge football fan, a car dealership, and a cardboard cutout.

What a Load of Crock - Chicken and Penne
Mrs. Gosling shares a yummy recipe to feed the masses that may be in attendance at your Superbowl party.

Looking back at these notes actually proved to be a bit inspiring for us.  Maybe the Superbowl won't be so bad after all.  At least we'll have place cards, yummy snacks, adorable shirts, and a delicious dinner.  Some say that the Superbowl is all about the commercials...guess they haven't read Naptime Notebook yet :).

Go...wait, who's playing?  The Bills?  Go Bills!

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