Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentines Day Chair Backer

Passing notes today:  Mrs. G

February is such a sweet month, isn't it?  Not only because the month starts to show a glimmer of hope for longer days, warmer weather and budding plants, but also because it hosts Valentines Day!  In this house, I am usually the only one that remembers to remind everyone about this day --which is fine! There is no need to make a big deal about the holiday and I would never want to be showered with expensive gifts, it's not about that for me.  It's about taking a little extra time to make something super special for the people I love.  And in return, I love all the fingerprint projects, heart cards and flowers that come through the door. 

So, to show my appreciation for ALL the men in the house, I thought I would make something extra special.  Valentines Chair Backers!  I drew some inspiration from this  and decided to make a few changes.

In order to keep it simple, I made a "mailbox" like chair backer that I could put a few different things in.  Here is how I did it:

*  Red Felt (24 x 14" & 2 - 9 x 2.5")
*  Velcro and/or ribbon
*  Monogram fabric
*  Scissors and pinking sheers

After I collected my supplies (I used what I had on hand and I chose the size according to my chair size).  I folded the largest piece of felt (24 x 14") to mimic the shape of a mailbox, cutting a triangle flap and pinning the side pieces (9 x 2.5") of felt to create a box look.  Then I cut along all the sides with the pinking sheers for extra detail and sewed.  I decided to keep the raw edges right side out for texture.  If you don't have a sewing machine you could hand stitch this with thread or embroidery floss.

Next, I sewed the monogram to the heart, sewed the heart to the front of the mailbox and sewed on the velcro straps.  If you don't have velcro, you could use ribbon and tie the straps to the back of your chair. 

Then, you are done.  Tie it to the back of you chair, fill it with lovely goodies and enjoy the thrill that your munchkins get when they unveil their gifts. 

I'm not quite sure what I am going to put in the mailbox yet.  I think that I might surprise them with something that they can have during the day (fruit snacks, socks, coloring kit), so I might have it on their chairs for them to find at breakfast.  Then, for dinner, I have decided to make them all a pair of pajama's (lounge set: shirt and pants) with their favorite themes.  I will post the finished product on our Facebook page after the 14th.  I can't ruin the surprise! 

Thankful for all my valentines,

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  The poor Kelly kids can't see this post as they will probably be getting paper bags.  These are so sweet.  You can keep them forever and make them a tradition.  Polka dots and monograms...two of my favorite things.  

Note from Mrs. Williams:  Now I can't wait for the 14th...I wanna see what your little guys find in their super cute, super personalized Valentine mailboxes.  Counting the days...


Moe said...

Oh, Mrs. Gosling...Just when I'm patting myself on the back because I finally figured out how to finger-knit (truly so simple that both of my older kids learned how to do it at age 4 - I'm 30 years behind) you've got to go and casually mention that you're thinking of whipping up Valentine's Day pajamas for your crew. No biggie. ;)

The chair-backers are adorable. Can I come back in another life as one of your kids?

Mrs. G said...

Moe - you are welcome anytime!!! I hope that you like cheap Mac n cheese, tonka trucks and occasionally using someone else's toothbrush ;)

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