Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hi Girls, 

Easter is hands down my favorite holiday.  I love the colors, the candy, the egg hunts, the baskets, the dresses, and best of all … the cascarones.  Cascarones are confetti-filled eggs that my family and I have made for years.  


We first learned about them when we lived in Laredo, Texas, bordering Mexico.  My brothers and I made them in our classrooms for the three years we lived there.  

Here I am with my two older brothers (my youngest brother wasn't born yet).  Check out our Texas tans!  I think the photographer said, "Who wants to smash some cascarones?"  right before he snapped this photo.

Then every year after, we made cascarones.  I loved Easter morning when we would go searching for the confetti-filled eggs in our yard.  Each time I found an egg I would chase down one of my brothers and smash the egg on his head.  A waterfall of confetti would stream down his head and body.  It was always a mad dash of hunting and regulated smashing.  When it was all over, the yard was filled with colorful confetti and everyone was always laughing.  I have fond memories of hunting my brothers down each Easter (isn't that the holiday spirit?).  

These days I look forward to making cascarones with my young boys. 

 Here’s how you do it:

1.  Make a small hole (about the size of a dime) in the top of some raw eggs.  (Make a lot. They become pretty fragile, so you’re bound to lose a few along the way.)

2.  Empty out the eggs, wash them and let them dry.

3.  Dye the hollowed out eggs along with your other traditional eggs.

eggs dye

4. Let them dry again.

egg 1

5.  Make some confetti.  (I usually just put colored paper through a paper shredder.)

6.   Cut some squares of tissue paper large enough to cover the holes in the eggs.

7.  Fill the eggs with the confetti.

Cascarone 1

8.  Line the edges of the hole with glue and paste the tissue paper over the hole.

9.  Hide the eggs in the yard.

10.  Find, chase, and smash!

egg confetti

I hope this Easter finds you and your family enjoying holiday traditions.  Perhaps you’d like to add this tradition to your Easter festivities.  May you find more cascarones than your brothers. 

Happy Smashing,

Note from Mrs. Gosling: your tan - so jealous! Thank you for sharing such a great Easter idea that celebrates your childhood. Your boys are so handsome!

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  Loving the family pic. Can just picture you all running around smashing eggs.  Maybe we'll make a new tradition...cascarones in the snow.

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