Friday, March 8, 2013

Chicks in the City

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Girls,

When I think green, there's one girl I think former college roommate, Katie. This girl lives a very green life.  She uses cloth diapers (on her baby, not on herself), composts, belongs to a farm co-op, and does all kinds of other "save the planet" kind of stuff.  She totally impresses me and always surprises when she brought these gals into her city neighborhood:

A few years ago, Katie and her husband bought six baby chicks (they gave away two).  

Just days old here.
They took care of them in their home until the chicken coop was built (by her husband) and the chicks grew into chickens.  The coop is really cute in my opinion.  It's a pretty sage green (that matches their house) and its scale is perfect for their city lot.

The doorknob for the door on the side of the coop even matches the period of their city home.  Adorable!

This coop isn't just for looks either.  It's filled will all kinds of chicken coop features like a resting bar where the chickens settle at night, a chicken run so the chickens can "play" outside even with an area under the coop that shelters the chickens from the rain or snow, a feeder built into the wall, water that doesn't freeze thanks to the electric warmer, two nesting boxes, and a light above the nesting boxes.  I mean, these chickens are living the life.

Katie, her daughter, and my son off to feed the chickens.

A peck peak inside the coop when they first moved in.

Just some chickens kicking back in the run.

The chickens are helping Katie and her family live a better life, too.  Of course there's lots of eggs (especially during the summer since egg laying is linked directly to the amount of daylight in the day).  

Egg check.
But, there have been other perks as well, especially to the neighborhood kids.  They're nuts about the chickens (my sons are too).  The dogs in the neighborhood?  Not so much.  

Katie let my son (4 years old at the time) name her chickens.  So, here are their names (front to back):  Reindeer Fur, Midnight, Honey, and Mrs. Honey.

What I have learned from Katie and her chickens is that there's just something that is so right about knowing exactly where your food comes from, in this case, from the girls out back.

Thanks for the tour of your green world, Katie, 

P.S.  You can read more about Katie here.

Note from Mrs. Gosling:  I am intrigued and jealous.  Have you ever seen "The Kardashians" episode where Mama Kris got a chicken coop in the back and all the "K" ladies would head back to feed them?  That's what I thought of reading this post ... but I think that Katie & Co. are a little cuter and probably much better chicken owners!!!  I love the matching colors and doorknob.  Job well done!  

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  For starters, I love the title of this post.  Secondly, can I say that you have the coolest friends?  I love that the exterior of Katie's coop looks nicer than my home.  I adore the chicken names.  What I'd like to know (and maybe Katie will answer in the comments..hint, hint) is how many eggs do those lovelies yield?  Because I envision Katie whipping up quiches when she's not tending to chickens or beautiful babies or just being cool.  

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