Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easter Photo Booth Printables

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Gosling

Spring is here (sort of, it's 37 degrees today)!  It is getting warmer though, the forsythia are struggling to bud and the birds are taking shelter everywhere for their newest additions to arrive!  And all of this, can only mean one thing!!! 


Easter is such an exciting time of year in this household.  The kids can finally go outside without an artillery of outerwear, you can see grass again and there is usually a new baby in the house (this is truly how I mark most events over the last 7 years ....).  Well, I have put away the snow pants, the grass is greenish/brown-like/mud filled and THERE IS A NEW BABY IN THE HOUSE! 

Easter also means a time for celebration and spending time with the ones that we love.  We always host Easter morning here with a brunch and an egg hunt.  My sister, mother and I combine forces to whip up strata's, quiches, breads, candy filled eggs, goody bags and everything pastel (a color I don't normally embrace, but allow for this holiday)!  Here is a picture from last years festivities:

This year, I don't think that the Easter Bunny will be gracing us with a backyard romp, so instead I have decided to make some Easter Photo Booth Printables to place on the table for the kids to enjoy!  It all started with an exhausting search on pinterest, etsy and google ----- I found nothing, well nothing that I wanted to use.  So, my next step was to call my sister, Mrs. Presley!

  The phone call went like this:
Me:  What are the kids doing?
Mrs. P:  Nothing. What's up?
Me:  Well, I have a little powerpoint question for you
Mrs. P:  Yes
Me:  I need to create some Easter appropriate printables
Mrs. P:  I'll do it
Me:  No, no, no .. I need to know how to do this on my own
Mrs.P:  Okay!  Here's what you do.  Wah, wah, wah, WAH WAH!!!
Me:  Easy enough.  Thanks!
Mrs. P:  No problem
And then the next day, the phone call went like this:
Me:  So, remember when you told me what to do?  Totally didn't get it!
Mrs. P:  Alright, let's do this again!  Wah, wah .... wah!
Me:  Okay, thanks!
And then our third conversation went like this
Me:  Okay, so .... I don't really see how you would make the bunny ears?
Mrs. P:  I'm doing it right now, sending it to you as a PDF.
Me:  Oh, that's so much easier.  Thanks Dude!

Moral:  Take your sister up on her offer to create your powerpoint printables, the first time!

After I printed everything and cut it out, I got all of my supplies together to start constructing ... I also pulled in a few little helpers for this!  I printed everything on 80 lb. cardstock.  You can purchase this at a craft or paper store.  Just make sure it's matte and not shiny (the shiny version may make your printer ink run).


80 lb. white matte cardstock
pom poms
Easter Printables Courtesy of Mrs. Presley

*I had all of these supplies or purchased them at Michael's

I pulled in some of the munchkins to help out with this (I cut them out, it may have taken 4 days and a few trips to urgent care, if I didn't). 

Batman is cool!
if you use felt on the ears, trace the inside, cut them out and glue
glue and tape your dowel

We decided to embellish them a little, but you can easily keep them as is or color them.  No need to run out and buy pom poms!  You could also leave them for the kids to color Easter morning, while you are getting brunch ready.  Placing a bowl of crayons, the cutouts, dowels and some tape or glue ... is just the distraction that your little ones need, so you can get the food ready!  Check out our pinterest page.  It is jam packed with Easter printables, ideas for goody bags and everything Spring! Don't forget, if you love these printables, you will love more of Mrs. Presley's creations, K is for Kids! 

"Hoppy" Easter

Note from Mrs. Williams:  These printables totally make me HOPPY!  Actually, after I write this note to you I'm going to print a bunch for our Easter family festivities.  Just imagine the awesome family photo this year!

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  Mrs. Presley is a rock star...which is fitting with a last name like Presley.  Those are the cutest bunnies ever!

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