Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mad Mom: Season 6, Episode 350

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Kelly

It was the Monday after February vacation.  After a long week without a routine, I was happy to get things back on track.  I sent my oldest son on his way with a homemade lunch, pair of matching gloves (a feat at times for us) and packed bookbag.  Then I herded the other two children in the car to drive my daughter to preschool.  I had some errands to run after preschool dropoff and I embraced those errands, walking leisurely around Target, enjoying an outing with one child  (as opposed to three) and mentally patting myself on the back for starting the week back so smoothly.  

I pretty much look like this every time I'm in Target...heels, short, flowy dresses and perfect  barrel curls.
When I eventually returned to my car I noticed I had missed a call.  I didn't recognize the number so I listened to the voicemail and heard something I never want to hear when I am 25 minutes away from my house:

"Hi, Mrs. Kelly.  We're about twenty minutes away...see you soon."  


You are WHERE?  Give me a mile marker.
I had forgotten in my back-to-school-haste that I had scheduled an appointment with a piano tuner.  The tuner had never been to my home before.  My blood pressure started to climb, not because I had forgotten the appointment, but because I suddenly remembered how I had left the room that houses our piano.  The piano room also doubles as a lego room in our house;  when we are not expecting company (or putting our house on the market) it is littered with legos and socks and dolls and blocks and books.  Today was no exception.

No, we weren't just robbed.  This is a random day.  Trust me, Piano Tuner day was far worse!
I called the piano tuner quickly and hoped she might consider rescheduling.  She was so cheery and when I told her I had forgotten and that I was about twenty minutes away, she exclaimed, "That's perfect! You will beat us there." 

Except, I didn't really beat her there.  We pulled in at the same moment.  And of course on the ride back, my 18 month old had fallen asleep (picture me trying to transfer a sleeping toddler while introducing myself to a piano tuner and her friend in the snow).

The real fun, though,  was when the four of us walked into my house together.  There was the piano-lego room.  It was, as I had left it, covered in toys.  The sofa pillows were strewn all over the room.  My company had to walk a gauntlet to get to the piano.  One misstep and their soles would have been stabbed by a lego prong.

My little guy, of course, woke up promptly upon crossing the threshold of our home.  And then because he was overtired, he cried incessantly for the next hour as the tuners tried to tune the piano and tune him out.  The lovely piano lady even played a jazzy rendition of Rubber Ducky in an effort to cheer him up.  Still, he cried.  I handed him my cell phone out of desperation.  I have this Elmo app that simulates Elmo calling on my phone.  Sometimes, it keeps the little man entertained.  It worked for a few minutes but when the tuners were headed out, I heard a non-Elmo voice coming from the phone.  My 18 month old had face-timed one of my friends (face time is a video call). For a couple minutes, my friend had been given a private home tour unbeknownst to me.  Toddlers who face-time take pocket dialing to a whole new level.

Despite the madness, I did walk away with a few positives from my Monday morning.  My oldest son went to school with matching gloves, my piano got tuned and I talked to a good friend unexpectedly. Also, nobody was injured by tiny pieces of plastic.  I pretty much call that a win in my book.

More often than I care to admit, my world is a little mad.  But without the madness I would never be able to appreciate the  moments of calm or savor those leisurely walks through Target.  Truth be told, I wouldn't trade the madness for anything.  I know I am blessed to have three little hooligans nipping at my feet.  As crazy as it sounds at this moment, I also know there will come a time when I long for legos on the floor and smartphone savvy babies.  In the bigger picture, my messy house doesn't really matter, does it?    What matters is that I'm mad about my crazy life.  Now if you'll excuse me, I am headed to the store and my phone will be off.  Also, if you plan to come over, give me a couple hours lead time, okay? We can't all be as put together as Betty Draper.

Your favorite crazy lady,

PS If you would like to feel a little mad, I suggest you watch this on a loop for an hour:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oe4Lv6UgOUw

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tammy said...

ha ha! i'm just glad that charlie had time in his busy schedule to give me a ring:) maybe he was channeling jack and his need to catch up with me?

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