Friday, March 22, 2013

Not Your Average Easter Basket!

Passing Notes Today: Mrs. Gosling

Happy Spring Williams & Kelly households!

So, now that there are four boys in the house and I don't really have a need for pastel colored baskets, I like to find a second function for the Easter baskets.  I usually decorate a Kraft paper bag or buy outdoor buckets, but I am a little over that.  This year, I decided to jazz up the Easter basket double duty!  


I have decided that the boys need legit bed baskets.  Our children like to take every stuffed animal, ninja turtle, valentine, Xmas card or old toothbrush to bed, put them in a box or corner of their bed, wrap them with a blanket and then nod off to La La Land!  Well, in an effort to smother my husband's nightly comments about their sleeping arrangements, I have decided that bed totes are a must!  They were pretty easy--to be honest Target did most of the work for me.  This is what I started with:


Target Totes (2 for $12)
Fusing (Steam & Seam, but any kind of heat bond would work)

I fused the felt and Steam N Seam together, cutting out my letters (I free handed them, but you could always print out a font off of the computer and trace them).  Next, I stitched around them to create the affect that they are stitched to the tote.  You could skip this step if you don't have a sewing machine or simply hand stitch them with thread or embroidery floss.  Then, I ironed them to the front of the tote (with a cloth in between, felt can stick to some irons).

Now, I have to find enough things to fill them!  Actually, I will go with my usual trick.  Shredded newspaper, tissue paper or Easter grass to build up the platform.  I plan on putting a book, some pj's, a little toy, some sugar peeps and a chocolate bunny in each one.  I can't wait to see the look on their faces when they find their monogrammed totes.  I, also, can't wait to see the look on my hubby's face when he realizes that all of their bedtime stragglers will be neatly organized in their new Double Duty Easter Basket Bedtime Totes! 

Thanks and enjoy your holiday!

Note from BWilliams:  "come on now girl!  You might be stylin and profilin with those Easter totes, but you know that you will never NEVER be as crafty as my main chick, Mrs. W.  Did you see her Pottery Barn Knock Off Mobile.  Please!" 

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  Will you adopt me?

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