Friday, March 1, 2013

Oak Today, Gone Tomorrow

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Kelly

Our home is filled with oak.  It's everywhere...kind of like Mrs. Gosling's man.  Slowly, I'm trying to change that (the oak, not Ryan G.).  Of course, by the time we change it all, oak will be once again be popular.  Still, I am slowly on a mission to paint the trim.  Here are some pictures to chart my progress.  And yes, they were snapped when things were still green in Rochester.  I'm daydreaming this morning and longing for spring! Happy Friday!
Do you like the Arthur Anteater in the window?  
I think the texture of the construction paper works well with the crisp white trim. 

 Here's another shot... BEFORE

Even Gene is LOVING the trim.  Look at that expression.

Sometimes switching out something small makes a big impact!  Painted any oak lately?  (You're welcome to come to my house with a paint brush in hand)  What projects do you have ahead of you?

Note from Mrs. Gosling:  Oh Gene, how lovely you look!  Nice job Mrs. K.  You are right, such a small change but a HUGE impact! 

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