Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rabbit Redo

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Ladies, 

I have to admit that my Easter decorations are lacking around my house. Every year I promise myself that I'll scoop up some decorations after the holiday when they are all on sale.  Then, every year when I check out the sale items the selection is so picked over (go figure) that I don't buy anything.  But, not this year.  This year, with Mrs. Kelly as my sidekick and shopping partner, I bought this bunny at Goodwill (before the actual holiday):

Mrs. Kelly spotted this bunny and suggested that I spray paint it.

At under $3, I quickly grabbed it and dreamed of all the Easter colors I could paint this bunny.

I stopped at Michael's and settled on blue paint.  It has a glossy finish (also Mrs. Kelly's suggestion).

When I got home, I got my Young House Love on and started spray painting this ceramic animal.  The bunny took several coats.

After I was done transforming the bunny into a shiny blue rabbit, I got to thinking... how would she look with polka dots?  So, I grabbed my son (you could do this yourself if you don't have one of those), a hole puncher, and some white sticky labels and instructed him to start punching (usually, I instruct him to STOP punching).

And then he just stuck on the dots.

In the end, she looked like this.  So cute and fun.

But, then I decided I didn't really want my first Easter decoration to be a cute and fun bunny.  This Easter, I was in the mood for a sleek and shiny bunny.   So, can you believe it?  I took all the dots off.

Now I have one solid Easter decoration (unless I can count the plastic eggs).  Hey, it's a start.

Some bunny loves Goodwill bunnies,

Mrs. Kelly Note:  Whoa, I sound pretty bossy huh?  :)  I like the blue bunny!  "Then Mrs. Kelly said to give her the bunny."  Kidding.  


Tamara Gladstone said...

I am in love with this bunny! You could dress up a LOT of things with some pretty blue paint and polka dots! Very inspiring!

Naptime Notebook said...

Thanks Tamara! Agreed. :)

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