Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stage Four - Entry and Hall Project

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams


It's Easter week at Naptime Notebook and I have some "egg-celent" news...I've finally put together all the photos and details about the carpet runner installation in the hall and on the stairs to share with you.  

Even though it was the last step of the entire entry and hallway update, picking out the carpet was actually the first step in the entire process.  So imagine me carrying all these sample carpets out of carpet stores across the Rochester area about a month ago.  

At first, I was totally thinking pattern.  Turns out the patterns I loved were expensive.  Then, I thought I should go with a wool carpet for wear and tear.  Turns out wool is super expensive, too.  Finally, once patterns and wool were off the table, I decided the carpet I REALLY loved was a nylon and wool mix that reminded me of sisal rugs with small variations in color (the one right above the patterned samples).

During this carpet-picking-out-then-buying experience I learned a few cost saving tricks: 

  1. Shop around.  I went to three separate carpet stores.  I'm glad I didn't just stick to one store because the carpet I actually went with was from the second store and I purchased it through the third store (more on that in tip #3).
  2. Hire a carpet installer.  When you buy carpet, the stores will send out their installer to measure and give you a quote.  I was OK with this plan until I thought that if I hired a carpet installer directly, I could cut out the middle man (the carpet store) and save myself some bucks.  So, I hired a carpet installer completely separate from the store.  This little tactic saved me about $400. Crazy, right?
  3. Get the carpet stores to compete for your business.  Once I found a carpet I loved in my budget, I took the sample to three different stores for prices.  When I got the lowest price, I called the other two stores back to negotiate further.  After a bunch of phone calls I ended up with a final price that was $4 less a square yard than the original quote.  By getting the stores to compete for my business I saved about $100.
I ended up hiring Jim to install the carpet.  He was great!  After giving me an initial quote, he came back one evening with big rolls of paper to create a pattern for the upstairs hallway (it has a funky turn).  Check out this before picture:

Here's the paper on top of the backside of the carpet we bought.  After we measured it out in the upstairs hallway, it became our pattern (notice the "we's" and "our's" - yes, I threw myself right in to this project as Jim's assistant - he loved it - not!).

After Jim traced around the pattern, he cut out the carpet.

Then he rolled it up and took it to the carpet binding place.  The next time he came to our house he installed the pad and carpet in one afternoon.  By 4:00 on a Friday our entry and hall project was finally finished.  Ready for the big reveal?  Wait...we need a before shot first...

Now...lots of after photos.

Time for one last set of before and after shots:

We're totally loving our new entry and upstairs hallway.  It feels so much brighter and shinier.  There is one thing that I didn't expect with the new railing, though.  It seems my boys now consider the newel post a coat rack.  Kids?!

Stop by for a closer look girls,

P.S.  If you're looking for an awesome carpet installer, you might want to give Jim a call - 585-729-0601

P.P.S  You can see the other stages of this project here, here, and here.

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  Love!  You know what is equally great about this project and another fun tip?  I have the same runner on my stairs thanks to you.  If you know someone who has already suffered through done the legwork and you like her taste, you make the same choice.  :)  Love the runner, bannister, light...awesome!

Note from Mrs. Gosling:  I second that ... AND do you want to know the even better part about having 2 friends that have amazing taste and are willing to do the leg work?  I can very easily pick the carpet for my new living room area rug.  It's almost like I didn't have to do anything!  Thanks for sharing!  I LOVE everything about it!

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