Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Stage Three - Entry and Hall Project

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Girls, 

You know what I'm "mad" about?  Home improvement progress!  Today I'm sharing photos from the installation of our new wooden railing.  If you recall, this is how the entry and railing looked when we started this project...tired and dated.

Things started looking up after the iron railing was removed and the hardwoods were refinished

This is right before we started painting over the stain around the stair treads.

Then, we waited for our contractor Tom Lilly to come by the house to install the new railing.  To prep for his arrival we purchased the supplies:  wood railing, stair spindles, and a newel post.  The hardwood refinisher (Matt) left behind some stain to match the hardwoods and polyurethane so that we could match the railing to the floors.  So, we stained the railing and gave the spindles and newel post a few coats of paint. 

Tom came over on a Sunday (my hero) and just minutes into the job he started cutting into our bottom step to install the newel post.  Scary!

I'm pretty sure there's no going back after this.

After the newel post was securely installed, Tom got busy installing the spindles.


The most challenging part of the project is installing the wooden hand railing.  There's some serious math involved (lots of angles).  But, once it was installed, Tom was able to slide the spindles into the railing (there's a notch in the underside of the railing for the spindles to slip into).

And then, several hours later the stairway looked like this.  Ahhh...happiness.

And just for fun, here's the before again:

And an after:

This project isn't done yet girls.  In my next note about the project I'm going to share all about the runner selection and installation (that's why the middle of the stairs aren't painted - you know, because carpet is going to cover it). 

Mad About Remodels,

P.S. Tom Lilly is awesome.  If you're in the Rochester area and looking for a carpenter, he's your guy.  He helped my mom with her kitchen, which you can see and read all about here.

TML Carpentry - Tom Lilly - 585-747-6342

Note from Mrs. Gosling:  That rail is perfection.  I love how it's traditional, but has modern lines and looks like it was original with the house.  Nice job Tom Lilly & Co.   Skillz to pay da' Billz!!!!!!

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  Gawh-geous.


Kristy Robb said...

Looks really great!

Kristy {robb restyle}

Lisa @ HouseOfFabForLess said...

Wow - your new stair rails make a huge difference! Lovely!

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