Friday, April 19, 2013

A Table Fit For A King Or A Bishop?

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Kelly

Hey girls,

Have I told you the Professor (aka my 6 year old son) has recently started learning the game of chess?  His school offers it as an extracurricular activity and he had expressed an interest, so we signed up!   Also, his dad and I are hoping he becomes the next Bobby Fischer and will get his ivy league education paid for.  

Just think, some day we might laugh and say it all started with this table:

This table is one of my mom's hand-me-downs.  It's a sturdy wood table and I've used it in my son's room for the past few years.  It always kind of bothered me though because it was a little primitive and didn't match his decor.  I decided to make a chess table for him with a new color scheme.  

First, I painted the table a brown color.

Then I followed these steps:
1. Measure table and divide by 8.  There are eight rows on a chess/checker board (64 squares). The number will give you an idea of how big your rows can be.  If your table is 24" (and it's square) you could thus feasibly have 8 three inch rows.  You could also just trace a checkerboard onto your table.
2.  Find the center.  Place your tape along either sides of center.  I chose to just line my table with the painter's tape and then pull them away...that way I knew they were, for the most part, evenly spaced.

3.  Pull strips to reveal a checkered pattern and get your paint ready.
4.  Paint and Peel.  Paint the grid, then shortly thereafter gently pull the strips.
5.  Let those squares dry and then tape over them.  Follow the same pattern you did before.  Tape a criss-cross pattern, paint the grid, then pull the tape.




6.  Add a few coats of polyurethane.  I coated the table just to add protection from wear!

And here's the finished product:


I am hopeful that my son will teach me how to play chess now that we have a real chess table.   I can't believe my baby is playing chess.  I hope I have a few years before he joins the crew team.  I've got to perfect my woodworking skills before then.
Check mates,

Note from Mrs. Gosling:  Nice job Mrs. K!  Send "the professor" over to teach our boys how to play ... we kind of use "checker" like rules.  Great pictures!!!

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