Monday, April 15, 2013

Art Swap

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Guys,

Ever found yourself in some old man's house shopping for electric trains?  No?  Well, this girl has.  It was a couple of years ago, right around the time my husband was encouraging our boys to take up a train hobby.  There were lots of train shops and train museum visits filling our weekends during this phase.  Of course, the weirdest "depot" we ever found ourselves at was a train sale in some guy's home.  Apparently, according to my husband, the trains were overpriced at this sale.  But mama loves to shop.  So, I was determined to leave that house with something.  And I did.

Beneath piles of train magazines, I found a big white envelope filled with four old train prints from the Pennsylvania Railroad.  I liked the illustrations and handed the man $10.

Check this out. The prints were mailed in 1966 (47 years ago).  There were two other things (aside from the prints) in the envelop:  a conductor's report and a ticket (bonus).

Recently, I rediscovered them while cleaning out my six-year-old son's closet.  I took one look at them and one look at the wall in his room still decorated with the art from The Land of Nod that I bought for his nursery, and knew that it was time for an art swap.

Here's a picture that I took of his nursery before he was born in our first house.

This is how they looked in his room before we did the art swap.
After picking up some frames with mattes from Michael's, some picture hangers from Target, and recruiting my husband to help, we started changing out the art.  The prints were a bit bigger than the frame, so I just traced around the matte, cut the prints out, and stuck them in the frame.

While I was cutting out the prints, my husband added picture hangers to the frames.  (The frames came with two hooks at each end.  They would have worked, but it's way easier to create a collage of framed printed when they're mounted on one nail each rather than two.)  

He just hammered each hook into the top center of each frame.
 In less than fifteen minutes, we had four pieces of framed art.

We decided to hang these guys right over the nail holes from the other art.  (No hole patching and stuff.) Still lots of measuring and leveling in this step of the process, though.

 Wanna see a before and after?

I'd like to report that my son loves them, but days later, the little man still hasn't noticed them.  I on the other hand, do love them.  They're subtle and they look much more 47 years old more mature.

Not bad for a random train sale,

Note from Mrs. Kelly:   Nice find.  Also, I love that you bust out a level when you hang your pics. No wonder it's perfection!

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