Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Barn Wood Bathroom Sign

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Gosling

Hey Y'all, anyone else feeling BLUE?  (I am channeling my inner-nonexistent Southern side, dreaming of sun and waves).  Can you tell that I need a vacation and hoping to transition into sunnier days?

So, a few months ago, Mrs. W dropped off some barn wood at my house.  She knew that I had been looking for some, but didn't want to pay top dollar for it.  She came across some and POOF - it was here!  Thanks lady!

I had a few projects that I wanted to do with it, but after measuring what we had, I decided on one very special decor item.  A bathroom barn wood sign!  Glamorous, right?  Well, actually it kind of is, at least better than what I had in there before! 

So, I sketched out my design and headed out to the chop saw to get cutting.  And just when I opened the door and felt the 20 degree weather, I grabbed the hubby away from ESPN and he headed out to the 20 degree weather (thanks Bud). 

Here is the process from start to finish: 

I thought that the no. 4 was appropriate, don't ya think?  I also wanted it to be something that I would enjoy looking at, from the living room area ( you can see the bathroom from the main level and I spend most of my time cleaning that room .... yes, again ... 4 boys!).  I used Miss Mustard Seed, flow blue paint for the letter (highlighted it with a royal blue acrylic paint) thanks again Trish

I gave it a quick sand with the sanding block after painting to get any loose pieces off and distress it a little. 


Thanks Mrs. W for the barn wood and thank you hubby for cutting it!  I got to sit inside, paint it and watch the Essex house on This Old House Classics.


What are you working on, anyone barn wood in your garage?!?


Note from Mrs. Kelly:  I'm blue with envy.  Also love that your sign is appropriate for your transition since there are now FOUR munchkins at your house and I think there were only three when you started your bathroom renovation.  :)

Note from Mrs. Williams:  I love how you took a pile of "junk" and transformed it into a family treasure...good "four" you!  I really, really, really love how it turned out!


Karry said...

Good job! Looks really nice!

Moe said...

Your mitered corners make me weep.

michele said...

oooooohhhhh, yes yes yes, mama like.

bravo on this rustic chic marvel.

stop by when you have a moment for eye candy and lovely, we'd love to have you.

smiles and peace to you.


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