Monday, April 22, 2013

Flowers In A Pickle Jar

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Gosling

Mrs. Kelly here!  You know, Mrs. Gosling is good at so many things...really, if you hang out with her too much you might start to feel insecure.  Some of her many talents, besides mitering wood, include finding beauty in the little things, keeping it simple, sticking to budget and making it lovely.  

A couple weeks ago, Mrs. Gosling gave me a sweet bouquet of pink alstroemerias in a pickle jar.  Who would have thought to recycle your old pickle jars to pass along as vases?  Not this girl.  

After a long week last week I remembered Mrs. Gosling's gift and decided I needed to:
a.) get outside
b.) appreciate the beauty of my surroundings
c.) spread sunshine
d.) be grateful

I started with a pickle jar. 


Then I walked into our backyard.

004 003

And, in a matter of moments I had a couple sweet flower gifts
(for free) .  


In honor of Earth Day (today), recycle some jars and if you're as fortunate as I am to have some pretty blooms in your yard, snip a few and throw them in a pickle vase or salsa vase.  You could always buy some inexpensive flowers at your local grocery.  Did I mention Teacher Appreciation week is right around the corner (May 6 - May 10)?  I'd bring these in with a five dollar coffee card to let the teachers know how much they have brightened our days and our futures!

Mrs. Gosling, what do you have up your sleeve for easy, chic tags?
Passing Notes:  Mrs. Gosling
You are so kind ... way too kind! 
Well, I might have a couple little tricks up my sleeve.  When I think of a tag, I always try to use something at the house or have the kiddies help me with it.  Here are a few examples:
name tags
cute and easy burlap tags - use scraps of burlap and a little glue to create these tags that will hold up & not fray!

printable tags....   LOTS of free downloads... tags, illustrations etc
These are just a few quick, easy & FREE ideas.  Check out our Pinterest page for more DIY tags! Thanks for sharing your flower arrangements Mrs. K.  They make me happy!

Sometimes simple is just as great!

Note from Mrs. Williams:  What are you two up to?  Planning to swing by with a flower arrangement for good old Mrs. W., are you? Just kidding - love these ideas.  I was wondering how I could reuse the paint swatches I seem to be hoarding!  Great ideas girls!

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