Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gallery Wall Mini-Makeover

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. G.


Remember when I striped the walls in our son's room, back in the fall?  Well, I had a little fun with my painters tape again! 

Picture it, Saturday night.  Basketball game.  Me in my pajama robe combo and our gallery wall. 

Now picture it.  My husband, 4 kids, pizza and me saying "I think that I am going to stripe this wall off really quick.  cool?"

Him:  "Well, I don't know .... let's think about this"
Me:  " Too late, already shaking the paint can"
Him:  "Ahhhh, alright?"

I stare at this wall all the time, because the TV is on it or I should say the TV is sitting on a makeshift TV stand that I cannot wait to change.  The timing is not right for me to tackle that project, so I decided to add a little pizazz without spending a dollar.  Striped walls! 

Here are 2 before shots:

I have done this effect in the past (in our old house and here, in our son's room).  It's really simple, it can be done in a day and usually with left over supplies (aka FREE). 

I knew that I wanted wide stripes because there was already so much going on, on this wall.  I didn't want to make it too confusing.  I also wanted to try to create more of a level line off of the door casing.  The entry into the kitchen is not even close to level, I don't know if it's the door casing or the opening itself ... but it's very noticeable.  So I created my first wide stripe from the top right corner of the right side casing.  My level line, creates an illusion that the whole door casing is level.  Trickery at it's finest!

I taped with blue painters tape, because I had it on hand.  I hear that frog tape works even better! 

Sorry, this was taken with my iPhone which is horribly cracked and has no flash! 
I let my 1st stripe (ceiling to door casing) dictate my stripe width, 12. 5".  Then I measured and leveled off my stripes, stopping at the chair rail. 

{Can you see that fly hunny in the wedding dress, to the right of the mirror?  That's me and the "Don" almost 9 years ago} 

I painted with the existing trim paint (Eddie Bauer, Honeysuckle Bloom in semi-gloss).  After painting 2 coats, I let the paint dry for about 30 minutes and then very carefully pulled the tape out towards the room, so I didn't flick (professional painting terms) it back on the wall.  If you let the paint completely dry, when you pull the tape away, it may bring some paint with it. 

The next morning, I put everything back where it belonged and realized that I really need to do something with that TV stand. 

Total cost:  $0
Total time:  less than 24 hours and 2 basketball games

Isn't it amazing what you can get done, while wearing your pj's (insert childish snicker here)

Note from Mrs. Williams:  Really?  You just painted some stripes on the wall on a whim?  So impressive!  And the final product looks awesome!

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LCrane said...

Looks very nice!

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