Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pinterest Inspiration?

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Kelly

Hey girls,

I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.  Sometimes I love it.  Sometimes, I can spend hours scrolling for ideas and inspiration.  I never knew I needed twenty crockpot chicken enchilada recipes before Pinterest.  And prior to Pinterest, I can't imagine how I would have planned out my bathroom.  I probably would have ripped (gasp!) pages out of magazines.  

Just recently, for example, I bought a book holder to organize one of my kitchen cabinets. Somebody out there is a genius.  PINTEREST WIN.

But as much as I love Pinterest, I also loathe it at times.  That happens when I tackle projects that just don't add up.  I like to label these projects as Pinterest Gone Wrong.

Here are some examples.

This was supposed to be an easy project for Valentine's Day inspired by what I saw on Pinterest:

Pinterest Pin

I bought the Dollar Store plate, had the kids decorate said plate with a Sharpie and then baked it at 350'.  I did everything as I was directed to do. 
So cute.
Baked perfection.  I can't wait to gift this.  But before I do, let me wash it once.
I let the plates dry and a couple days later I went to wash them. The marker that was supposed to be permanent, washed right off.  Like a dry erase board.  PINTEREST FAIL!

Another time, I thought I'd whip up some yarn lanterns like those I had seen on Pinterest.  Talk about inspiration!  Aren't these lovely?

Five minutes into this project it was a glue-filled disaster.
I only finished two lanterns and they deflated days after completion.  PINTEREST FAIL.

Most recently, there was this gem.  I decided I'd make flourless peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  In the pictures, these cookies look so dense and substantial, right?

Here are mine.  You might not be able to tell, but they are paper thin.  It's hard to believe I could have messed this one up because there were only a few ingredients.


I will admit despite their appearance, they still tasted pretty great.  They just looked kind of embarrassing--like a poor excuse for a cookie.  All was not lost because I sent the cookie wafers to Mrs. Gosling.  PINTEREST WIN / FAIL.

I think my Pinterest experience is a metaphor for life.  Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose...but at least I keep on playing, right?   

Off to make some baked crayon hearts.  Oh, and check out our Pinterest page!  Do you have projects gone wrong?

Note from Mrs. Gosling:  I have to admit that I was going to try the plate/sharpie duo ..... but now, I don't need to!  I'm sorry that it didn't work Mrs. K but I'm thankful that I didn't have to take 2 kids into the Dollar Store :)  I know how you feel about pinterest BUT I'm addicted.  "Hello, My name is Mrs. G and I am addicted to Chai's and Pinterest!"


Rachael said...

Hi there, found your blog from YHL. Haha these pinterest fails crack me up. I know they must be super frustrating to experience, but thanks for being a good sport about it and sharing your trials and errors! I've had my fair share of pinterest fails myself, including "cleaning my oven with nothing but baking soda and water".

Lydia said...

I've had plenty of the "mine doesn't look like it does in the picture!" moments myself! I tried doing the balloon string lanterns too, and didn't get too far at all before announcing it wasn't going to work....

Naptime Notebook said...

Haha. Rachael, if we can't laugh about it well, what else is there, right? Lydia, thank you for telling me that your lanterns also did not work. That was the biggest time suck. Not to mention, I had visions of lanterns dotting my daughter's room. Boo! Thanks for checking in ladies!! - mrs. kelly

Emily B said...

Too bad the plate thing didn't work out, they were really cute. Everyone loves a good pinterest fail tho, right? I had one myself recently...eh you win some, you lose some.

~em @ small girl, big world

Naptime Notebook said...

So true Emily. Though sometimes, I admit, I get a little miffed when I feel like people misrepresent. For every fail there's probably two wins..so I guess it works out. :)

Kristin said...

Aww, your plates were so cute. Such a shame that didn't work! And I see where people do the coffee mugs all the time!

Naptime Notebook said...

Kristin! I know. They were sooo cute. Thanks for checking in. :)

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