Friday, April 26, 2013

Semi-Homemade Flower Box Table Display

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Gosling (with a little help from Sandra Lee)

No, I won't be displaying any table top goodies with this post, but I did feel like I was channeling my inner Sandra Lee when I made (partially bought) this table display.  I saw this driving past AC Moore a couple weeks ago.  And I thought, I wish I had a window that size to put this flower box on?!?  And then I remembered, wait .... I have been wanting to make a table display that can house jars for seasonal decorating.  So, as I was passing AC Moore I told myself  "Mrs. G - you need to head back there (sans kids) and get that, with a coupon of course."

And so.  I did.

3' Pine Flower Box ($21.99 with 40% off at AC Moore)
6 small glass bud vases ($1 each)
Charcoal/Navy paint color (Valspar Mark Twain Brick Gray - had this)
Acrylic Metallic paint (had this)
Sand paper (had this)

I have seen these in Homegoods, Hobby Lobby and HGTV magazine lately.  Different sizes, colors and flower arrangements.  I decided to go with a gray and metallic finish (Va Va VOOOOOOM) because I don't want to get sick of it and I think that these color combinations can go with any flower, any jar and any season. 

First, I painted the entire flower box with the base coat (Gray) and I let it dry until it was just tacky.  Then I dry brushed the metallic on.  Dry brushing is when you rub most of the excess paint off of the brush and cover your base coat.  I let that dry and then I lightly sanded it for some texture. 

Next, I filled the flower box with the glass jars and clipped some branches outside (forsythia & dappled willows).

What do you think about this fabric.  I just got it.  It matches (almost like it was planned?!?).  I think that pillow making is in my near future!

I'm thinking in the fall I can fill the table display box with little pumpkins, gourds and mums.  In the Winter, cinnamon pine cones and shiny ornaments.  BUT, I am most excited about THIS SUMMER!  If you know me, you know that I am mildly majorly obsessed with Hydrangeas.  I want to be surrounded by them inside & out.  I look at pictures of The Hampton's on just so I can stalk driveway lined hydrangeas.  All of my shrubs are still pretty little and don't rival these beauties, but I do manage to get a solid clipping out of them in the summer.  They last forever and I know that they will look great in the dining room, in our new table display box. 

Thanks neighbor for the pretty forsythia (ssshhhhhh, don't tell),

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  Love the box and love the fabric.  Be honest, if Sandra Lee and Ina Garten were around you'd drop me and Mrs. Williams like hot potatoes.

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