Friday, April 5, 2013

Thinking Outside or Inside The Box

Hey girls,  

Last year, we were walking through BJ's and noticed a big sign on our way out that read, "FREE BOXES." Never one to walk away from something free, I seized the opportunity. My kids grabbed some boxes and we went home and spent an afternoon building and taping and pretending. 

Forgive me for the quality of these first few pictures.  I snapped them with my iPhone!  Below is some invention the kids made with free boxes!

This past Christmas, Santa left the kids a spaceship made out of cardboard. The kids spent a week or so coloring the spaceship and playing inside it. Unfortunately, it didn't last long but they really loved it. Santa was on to something. 

So last week when we were at BJ's, I told my daughter we could grab some boxes when we left if she behaved on our shopping excursion. The bribe worked!  She picked this one:

She recognized the coffee logo immediately and together we decided we should have a tea party of sorts.  She had fun decorating her coffee shop table while her brother sat mesmerized by her talents.


It just so happened that I had some Dunkin' hot chocolate K-cups in the cupboard.  This was a big deal because my daughter got to have a K-cup like mom.


Here's our swanky setup.  To the right are Dora, Minnie and Daisy.  They're our coffee shop cronies.


Cheers girlfriend! 

We had a fun morning with our coffee-shop-inspired-by-a-free-BJ's-box.  Next time I hope she grabs a Hershey's box too.

In case you're feeling ambitious, here is a link with some other ideas for cardboard boxes.  And if you don't have a BJ's membership (you should totally look into it and they always give you free 60 day coupons for memberships) you can probably get boxes from your grocery store, liquor store, craigslist...or if you're like us, your basement.

I'm pretty sure JK Rowling and her mom used to make things with cardboard boxes.  You have to nurture those imaginations.  :)

Off to BJ's,

Note from Mrs. Gosling:  What a great idea!  I always pass up those boxes because I think that they will turn into the sleds down my stairs.  Who knew I could build something with them.  Thanks for sharing!

PS - I like marshmallows in my HC.

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