Friday, May 17, 2013

Backyard Blooms

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Gosling

Hello and Happy Spring Ladies (& welcome back this horrible my-eyes-are-on-fire-I-wish-I-could-permanently-plop-icecubes-on-them weather)!

But, I am willing to look past this because EVERYTHING is in bloom.  I mean EVERYTHING!  All of my plants came back after the winter, the hydrangeas are looking strong and that's a good sign of things to come.  This also means that I can start making flower arrangements without the cost (I do still like to supplement with flowers from the store, we will talk more about that later). 

I wanted to share a few quick vases I put together.  I spent about 15 minutes walking around the yard during naptime today and this is what I came up with:

Top to Bottom:  Lilacs, Prairie Fire Crabapple, Dappled Willows

Unfortunately, the tree branches only last for a few days and it does matter when you cut them.  General rule of thumb, I like to wait until the weather is warm (55 degrees or warmer, I cut them when the leaves have already bloomed and put them in luke warm water).  If I feel like jazzing them up a little I will buy a bunch of seasonal flowers from the store and add to the my FREE arrangements!  Which leads me into my FAV stores to get flowers from:
1 - Trader Joes.  Honestly, the flower selection, quality and price are insane.  They last forever and the variety is really interesting and fun.
2 - Weggies.  Shocker.
3 - The public market or local village/town markets.  They are usually on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday or Sundays.  Right now the Rochester Public Market is having Flower Days - 5  in total.  Great Deals.  Great People.  Great way to support your local vendors and hard working communities. 

So, get out and start clipping away in your backyard (or your Mom's - totally do this).  There are treasures on your own property and the colors are beautiful .... especially this time of year!

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  My favorite is blooming at our house right now...lily of the valley!!  You ARE like Martha and Ina with your fresh cut flowers from the garden.

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