Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bedroom Wall Transformation

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Griffin III

Hey Ladies - 

Good news!  My friend, Kate (you may know her as Mrs. Robert Griffin III) just shared some awesome photos from her bedroom wall transformation with me.  And she brought the WOW factor.  Keep reading and you'll see how she created custom stencils (with her mom's help) to transform this wall in her bedroom.

Kate painted this wall in her bedroom five years ago and she was ready for a change.

The idea for her bedroom wall transformation came while thumbing through Garnet Hill's catalog.  When she got to page 38 it was love at first sight...not for the shoes...for the fabric's pattern on the floor.

While most of us would simply skim over the fabric, Kate got inspired.  Then, she got busy recruiting her mom (an artist and all around super creative lady) to help her turn the fabric's pattern into a wall stencil.  

When her mom arrived in town, Kate gathered some supplies for the project.

  • Paint (Kate swears by Benjamin Moore)
    • Soft Pumpkin (left over from her bedroom walls)
    • Wish
    • Custom color (she mixed Wish with a Kingsport Grey)
  • Level 
  • Stencils (make sure they are square to keep the pattern straight)
  • Art Sponges
  • Paint brushes

Kate's mom created four stencils to make the medallion design when she was visiting Kate.  (When my mom used to visit me, she just took me out to lunch...I got robbed.)  She created the stencils with stencil paper and a sharp exacto knife.

  1. Paint the entire wall the lightest color - Wish.
  2. Using the level, make a couple of lines on the wall to be sure the stencils go on straight.  
  3. Start the first stencil on the bottom right of the wall.  Continue stenciling right to left (using the level lines as a guide).
  4. By the time the first stencil shape is completed on the entire wall, the paint is dry enough to start the next stencil in the medallion pattern.  So, continue stenciling until the entire pattern is complete.
Kate's mom worked on a portion of the wall while Kate went off to get her hair done.  I'm thinking she deserves an extra special Mother's Day gift this year!

Last one!

Everything Kate needed, she already had, so the entire project cost her $12 in stencil paper.  It took Kate and her mom about 5 hours, over 3 days to complete the wall. She recommends taking a step back once in a while to get a good look at the work and make changes as needed.  



And one last shot with a cat photo bomb:

When Kate and I were roommates, this cat, Isabelle, and I were pals.

Kate, I mean Mrs. Griffin III, thanks so much for sharing!  I love, love, love your walls.  They're so bright and fun and modern.  I do have one last question though, can I get your mom's number?  I'd like to invite her over to my house for a visit.

Thanks for the inspiration Kate,

P.S. You can read about another one of Kate's creative projects here.

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  Are you KIDDING me?!  That's incredible.  Um, coincidentally I have that same gray rug so if the fam wants to make a road trip to relive their experience...we already know it matches perfectly!  Wow.  Thanks for sharing.  I am inspired.

Note from Mrs. Gosling:  Is this real?  Is there a super powered photoshop system out there that can mimic this effect?  I kid, I kid ... but really, this is amazing.  It looks like something straight out of HGTV.  Great job ladies!  Thanks for sharing your makeover! 

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Karry said...

This is so pretty, great job!

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