Monday, May 20, 2013

Brightening and Whitening My Laundry Nook

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Kelly

Hi Girls, 

Remember my ugly brown cabinets in my laundry nook?  Well, it was time to say goodbye to the tiger-mud color (I just made that color up so Benjamin Moore, if you want to steal it, I will expect royalties).

Is your head spinning from the brown tiger-mud?  Mine was too.  So we took the doors off one Saturday night and crammed a bunch of stuff into the cabinets.  We lightly sanded the bases, primed them and then added two coats of Honeysuckle Bloom paint.  We painted the doors (and by "we" I mean mostly my husband) in the basement.  They also got two coats of paint. 

Don't judge the neatness of my cabinets.  It was late and I was cramming stuff in there!
 I took the photo below around 11 PM at night on my iPhone.  Hence, the stellar quality  I look pretty fetching here.  Maybe I shouldn't be so focused on making over the cabinets and instead....oh well.  


And, here is the outcome.  Doesn't it look nice and bright?  

We also switched out the old hardware.  I thought about spraying the existing ones with some oil rubbed bronze paint but I wanted a more modern pull.  Plus, I only had a few pieces to replace so it wasn't a big expense.  I purchased the handles below from Home Depot.

This pull (below) was from Lowe's.  

Believe it or not, we had a gallon of the Honeysuckle Bloom so the only expense was the new hardware and some primer.  It cost us less than $30 for this makeover.  Woohoo!!!  

Now off to work on my makeover.  I have a feeling it might cost more than $30...

Note from Mrs. Gosling:  I feel like coming over to your house to do laundry.  It's so bright & airy now.  I really love it and the price tag!  Nice job Mrs. K!

Note from Mrs. Williams:  Such a pretty and bright transformation!  And only for $, that's impressive!


Taryn said...

The cabinets look amazing!! Well done! Can't wait to have you over to my house in the future to help renovate.

Moe said...

Wow, what a difference! It looks so fresh and clean and modern. Mind over if I come over and scrub some chocolate milk and tempera paint out of my kids' shirts?

Naptime Notebook said...

Yes, I will definitely help Taryn. And Moe, anyone is welcome to do laundry at my home at ANY time. -Mrs. K.

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