Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Downton Party

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Oh Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Gosling,

I just had the best time at a Downton Abbey party thrown by party-planner-extraordinaire, Mrs. Stevens (Leah) and her husband (Dan Stevens Ben).  It was a costume party with guests decked out in all their post-Edwardian era finest.  In attendance were a footman, aristocrats, a priest, a hunter, a bride, and plenty of ladies.  

The Downton Abbey television series may be filled with drama, but this party went off without a hitch - no Turkish diplomat deaths, no murder accusations, no scandalous marriages to the chauffeur - just plain old British television drama fun.

The Appetizers

The Dates with Goat Cheese Wrapped in Prosciutto (top), Truffled Wild Mushroom Tartlets (middle), Beef and Yorkshire Pudding Canapes (bottom)  were out of this world!  My husband was a huge fan of the dates.

Steaming bowls of Consumme Olga (broth soup with scallops)
The table spread included Smoked Salmon Mousse Canapes, a Cheese Platter and Crackers, and Gougeres.  So yummy!

The Drinks

The star of the cocktails with Pimm's.  I'm pretty sure Pimm's Royale was had by all.

The Pimm's Punch was filled with fruit and mint and of course, lots of Pimm's.   Other drinks included Single Malt Scotch (in honor of the Downton men), sparkling wine, beer, Pelligrino, lemonade, coffee and tea.

The Desserts

Here's Leah bringing out the Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova.

Individual Manchester Puddings (a tribute to poor Matthew) were passed around the party by the footman.

Check out these Chocolate Eclairs.  (This photo was taken right before I ate about eight of them.)

The Party

Downton ladies at their finest.

Doesn't Robert Crawley Ben look dapper in his tails?
Conversations were so fun at this party.  There were lots of chats about the show's characters and story line and all the elements of each other's costumes.

A priest, gentleman, and footman.

Beautiful ladies!  Leah's dress (on the right) was handmade by her mother-in-law with a vintage pattern.

The Costumes

Hats were everywhere at this party!

A bowler hat for the gentleman.

This beautiful pocket watch and family heirloom looked spot on at this party.

I was gaga over all the beautiful hairstyles and accessories.  
Leah customized her hairpiece by hot gluing earrings to a headband.  Her hairstyle was modeled after Lavinia.
The duck decoy may not be period accurate (since the gentlemen hunted pheasants and fox), but it looked like the perfect accessory for the hunting costume.
Pearls and gloves and, elegant.

Dashing Downton Men
Gorgeous Women

And of course, the couple who made the whole party happen - Leah and Ben. 

And just for fun (on the way to the party) my husband and I took these two photos in front of our Downton Abbey estate...

Incredible, right Mrs. G. and Mrs. K.?  It really was a fun night.  Everyone looked amazing, the food and drinks were abundant, and for one night we were all British aristocrats.  In fact, Leah has inspired me to dream up other theme parties, so keep your eye out for an invitation to a party at our house.  Get your camo ready, we're celebrating Duck Dynasty style (we can reuse the duck decoy).

P.S. - If you enjoyed vicariously attending this party, check out Leah's Mad Men party here.

Note from Mrs. Gosling:  Seriously, that picture of you is L.E.G.I.T!!!  You look so amazing (& your duck loving hubby).  Thanks again Leah for a solid party post.  Your skills are hardcore and I LOVE IT! 

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  Now I need to start watching Downton.  That party was bloody amazing.  Love the pics.  The one of the Priest, Gentleman and A Footman looked like the start of a joke (...walk into a bar).  I kind of just want to throw a theme at Leah and see what she comes up with next!


Mrs. Stevens said...

Thanks for the great post, Mrs. Williams! It's so much fun re-living the evening's festivities with you! Also, thought you might enjoy this:

Amanda Rose said...

Those treats look delicious! Looks like everyone had a great time. I don't know how you roped the men into dressing up, though!

Amanda Rose

Mrs. Stevens said...

There were actually several people invited who declined based on not being fans of the show, or who didn't think their husbands would dress up. ...To which I ask, "Can't you just tell hubbie, 'We're going to a party. Put this on.'?" and "Are you not a fan of FUN?" ;-)

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