Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kids Table & Chairs

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Remember my quest to unify our decor scheme?  Well, it started with the blue plates in our dining room, a barn wood sign in our guest bathroom and now I am on to the kids table & chairs!  We used to live in Syracuse, NY and just down the road (actually, about 40 minutes down the road) was Marty's Barn Cellar.  Pretty much what it sounds like.  A Barn.  With a sunken room.  And tons of unfinished wood.

Back in 2008, on my birthday (March) and 7 months pregnant (shocker) I convinced my hubby to take a day off.  Instead of going to the mall and shopping, I thought that we could go to Elbridge and pick up some unfinished wood.  Looking back, what I really should have done was had hubby take the 1.5 year old to the park and me to the spa.  But, I was young(er), ambitious for DIY projects and in love with the idea of a coloring station in our new house.  So off we went .....

And we picked up something like this (not the exact set, but very similar)

Sturdy, right?  They are.  And well worth the $$$ ($200 for the whole set).  I know what you are thinking, $200 for kids chairs? Hear me out (I am reliving the conversation that I had with the hubby on the way home).  They are solid wood.  Nothing cheap or engineered, veneered or plasticey.  The table has corner brackets and some serious hardware underneath.  There are no exposed nails and the entire set can be tightened up when needed.  They have served as a coloring station,  birthday party table, collection of all things junk, a stool (how else would a 3 year old get the pretzels from the cupboard), sensory table, ladder, library book collector and now ... a serious component of the Decor Overhaul!  I remember thinking "was that too much, should we have just picked up a cheap set at a garage sale or something from Little Tykes?" I am glad that we went with our my gut.  It has been 5 years and the set still looks great, serves it's purpose and now is getting a face lift! 

Like I said, in 2008 my tastes were a little different and dare I say juvenile (gasp) when kid decorating was at hand.  So here is a before picture:

In case you are wondering.  The chairs were sprayed a lime green, table legs were stained and the top was painted an almond color.  Then I stuck alphabet dog stickers on the table and shellacked it with a poly.  I stenciled dog bones on the chairs and shellacked those.  Every dog must have his day, right?  Well, this day is coming to a close and it's time for a makeover!  I called in the big muscles (Hubby and Munchkin #1) to get going on the prep work.

And then after about an hour of sanding everything and tightening all the nuts/bolts ... this little set was ready for some new digs. 

Holy bright light Batman

Onto the fun part - the makeover! 

It all started with this little can (well, actually 2 little cans $6).  I covered all 4 chairs with 2 light coats of this paint.  I LOVE this product.  I have used it a few times.  The coverage is fab and the nozzle prevents dripping!  Next up, the table!

I decided to keep it pretty simple and recreate the same color, on top ... sort of.  I couldn't find the can of paint that I used last time, so I used some paint from the living room wall (Eddie Bauer Wicker).  I know.  Wall paint on a table top?!?  Well, one coat of poly and this is what you get. 

What should I put on top?  I was going to stencil ABC's and 123's, but now I think that might be a lot of work for a kids table.  Now I am having a painter's block.  Ideas?


If you are in the area, or feel like a road trip, stop by Marty's Barn Cellar.  There is furniture for inside & out.  Paints, stains, knowledgeable staff and a Dairy Queen around the corner!  YAY! 

Time to get the crayons out,

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