Friday, May 3, 2013

Picking A Home Project

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Kelly

Hey Girls, 

I find it hard to focus when it comes to home projects.  Maybe it's because so many things need tending to.  Which one should come first?  

Here are some factors that I considered with our latest renovation:

- Needs vs. Wants
Yes, I would LOVE a refinished basement but nothing is broken in the basement unlike in our bathroom where the tiles were starting to chip away from the wall and the pipes were leaking.  It would definitely have been more exciting to tackle a basement and have a dedicated play space for the kids.  But I would be in a jam if we had redone the basement and then something broke in the bathroom.

- Costs and Returns
I am hoping to refinance my home so I wanted to do a project that would cost the least amount of money and have the greatest impact (I've watched my share of "Income Property").  As our first appraiser said, "bathrooms and kitchens sell houses and increase your value."  We're not in a position to tackle a huge kitchen renovation so all signs were pointing to bathroom.

- Good Find / "Come Up" /  Inspiration Piece
You know I love a good deal!  I am a fan of Rehouse in Rochester, New York.  Rehouse is a great local business that sells new and used home parts.  Their store is really cool (even Mrs. Gosling thinks so).  I could spend an afternoon in there just wandering around admiring old light fixtures and doors.  Rehouse posts regularly on Facebook (so go like them) whatever wares came off the truck that week.  Lucky for me, I noticed a bathroom vanity one afternoon.  I packed all three kids in the car and had my husband meet me at the store. That was the jumping off point for our bathroom project.  For just under $300, I scored this vanity with top and faucet. 

I could easily has spent three times that amount at a big box store.  I decided to scoop her up since she was in great shape.  I like the colors and the drawers were both dovetailed and self-closing.

These three factors influenced our latest home project!  Since the vanity was such a deal, it served as the basis for our remodel and the decorating choices!  Can't wait to show the finished product.

In the meantime, I'm off to look for my latest find, er, um, go work out.

PS How do you decide which home project to do next?!  

Note from Mrs. G:  "Oh, Scott from Income Property ... how do you know so much and where do you get that cool software to recreate room solutions???"  I can't wait to see what you do with the vanity!!!!

Note from Mrs. W.:  I can't wait for more pics and details about this bathroom remodel.  You're such a tease - only showing the vanity.  I'm on the edge of my seat!

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Naptime Notebook said...

Mrs. W....when you refer to "edge of your seat" are you talking about the toilet? Being that it is a bathroom remodel and all? Mrs. G., why doesn't Scott ever come to RochesteR?

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