Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tea Dying - Easy as One - Two - Tea

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Mrs. G. and Mrs. K.,

For the past few weeks I have been slowly accumulating elements for the Downton Abbey costume party I wrote about yesterday.  It was so fun!  I mean, a costume party is the perfect distraction for a chronic shopper like myself.  With the costume party as an excuse, I feel like I have justification for each trip to Goodwill, the mall, TJ's, and party stores.  In fact, the party store is where I picked up some cheap gloves for my costume.  

The price was right for the gloves (around $4), but the color was really white against the creamy lace dress I was wearing.  So, I did a little tea dying research (by research I mean that I googled, "tea dying") to change the gloves' color.  It was so easy and somehow so satisfying.  I'm sure you have some white gloves you've been "dying" to dye, so here are all the steps.

Boil water.

Add some tea bags.  (I'd like to note that these are English Breakfast teabags - very Downton, no?)

Once the tea bags have been in the water for at least five minutes, and the color of the tea is really dark.  Drop in the gloves (or whatever you are dying).

Stir around the gloves so that the tea dye doesn't get blotchy.  The gloves were in for a few minutes before they looked like this.

After I washed the gloves with cold water, I stuck them in the dryer on the high temperature setting. 
And when they were dry...they looked like this.   
Here are the gloves on my hand model.

So, there you have it - a few simple steps to solve any Downton Abbey party accessory issue.  I have to admit that since dying the gloves I have been dreaming up other things I can dye.  I believe I can even dye paper.  Would it be weird if my grocery list had an antique hue to it?


Note from Mrs. Kelly:  Wow, those turned out great.  I wouldn't have even thought to do that.  Love how they match and look authentic.  I think Leah should do a pirate party next time and then you can dye all the treasure scrolls.  And.............GO!

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